Oddmall Shop Plop: Wolf Games and Models

  • WHAT:  It’s an ODDMALL SHOP PLOP at Wolf Games & Models, one of Ohio’s finest purveyors of, um… games and models. It is going to be an absolute blast the likes of which hasn’t graced this land since days of yore. There will be vendors, food, games, models, miniature painting, and a verifiable unlocked treasure chest of glistening fun!
  • WHEN: July 15, 2023
  • WHEN WHEN: Saturday 12pm-8pm
  • WHERE: Wolf Games & Models
    125 Erie St., Massillon, OH 44646
  • HOW MUCH: Even more FREE than Willy!
  • HOW: Just kind of walk on in through the front door. We’ve been expecting you.
  • HUH: Vendor information can be found here.
  • WHY: It’s going to be a ridiculous amount of fun and an abundance of Oddmall vendors will be there to present their fantastic creations for your perusal and potential consumption.
  • ODDMALL VENDORS! Dozens of Oddmall vendors will be in attendance, hawking (hocking? hokking? hauwchkin’?) their wares and presenting all sorts of really interesting and creative handmade and geeky jazz that you can look at and buy for your very own (or to give someone as a gift, of course).
  • GAMING! Wolf Games and Models is a game and hobby store. That means they have games and you can play them. There will be a full library of board games for you and your friends to borrow and an entire store full of games and gaming supplies for your shopping adventure.
  • MINIATURES! Learn to paint miniatures at the FREE miniatures Paint & Take.
  • COSPLAY AND COSTUME CONTEST! Everyone is invited to wear a costume! There will be a costume contest at 3pm and the winner of The People’s Favorite will nab a FREE badge to Con on the Cob 2023.
  • CON ON THE COB!!!!!!! This Shop Plop is sort of a preview event for Con on the Cob – A Four Day Celebration of Games, Art, Freaks, and Fun hosted by the same happy folks who bring you Oddmall. Click here to learn more about it! Vendor booths are available at a discounted rate for vendors who also nab a booth at Con on the Cob!

Booth Prices

Yellow (3’x8′): $80 ($60)*
Purple (6’x8′): $120 ($90)*

*SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Nab a vendor booth at Con on the Cob before nabbing your Oddmall Shop Plop booth and save 25%!

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Artist & Vendor List

Here, for the edification of the inquisitive, is a list of current Oddmall Shop Plop at Wolf Games & Models artists and vendors:

1. Dinda Moe’s Unique Chocolates
Dinda Moe’s Unique Chocolates
Moon-Kissed, llc
Peachy Purr Art
5. The Wisp Hollow
6. Susan Nolt-Banks Pottery
Gone Crazy for Crystals
8. Cosmic Wolves
Sassy Mama’s Creative Designs
DHD Designs Ohio LL
Mary Kay
13. The Jackyl Room
14. Customcade
15. meStones
16. 3D Print Forge
17. Jungle Mango
18. ORCS Leather
19. The Jackyl Room
Carole Stessney
Bonnie Hays
22. Psycho Barbies DHA
SweetLee Designs
SweetLee Designs
Menagerie of Makers
26. Bling On A Budget
27. Craftivist
28. R&S
29. Mulvey
30. Miniature Shore
31. Ed Griffie
32. Available
33. Salay Family Creations
34. Fairy Dwellings
35. Sipology

36. Krysta Moberly
Mary Kay
Miz Dayze’s Body Butter
ME Stones
Outside Vendors

Built 4 Everything
JT creations
Murdercide Peculiarities
Let’s Break Bread
Sweet Cede’s Just Desserts
Sisters Touched by Craft
Rebel Heart Studios
She Shed Designs
Be Youthfully Crafted
Crazy Grandma’s Crafts
Tye Dye Addict
Ethereal and Enchanting
Be Youthfully Crafted

Capital City
Smoosh Cookies
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