ZOO ODD LOGY is the Oddmall reptile and exotic animal show. Vendors who sell exotic animals, pets, and pet supplies are welcome at ZOO ODD LOGY. Any Oddmall show could be a ZOO ODD LOGY show as long as the rules of the venue permit it.

Unless otherwise specified, ZOO ODD LOGY vendors will be interspersed with the other Oddmall vendors for maximum awesomeness. We may need to do some shuffling onsite to make sure we follow local health laws and for everyone’s comfort.

Rules & Policies

The laws and rules of Oddmall, the state of Ohio, and all county and city laws apply at times.

  • We will follow all safety guidelines as directed by the CDC and local and state government.
  • All animals must be ethically sourced and humanely treated.
  • All animals must be transported and displayed in secure containers.
  • All transactions are between the buyer and seller directly.
  • Oddmall is not responsible for any losses, damages, or injuries.
  • All vendors are subject to The Ohio Department of Agriculture’s rules regarding animals.

In accordance with the laws and regulations enforced by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources the following animals are not permitted:

  • Endangered or Protected species.
  • Venomous reptile species.
  • Species native to Ohio (including color morphs). Please follow this link for a list of restricted native Ohio species.
  • Constrictor snakes greater than twelve feet long unless a necessary permit is acquired.

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