Oddmall: Chrishanukwanzmadan at a glance

  • WHAT: Chrishanukwanzmadan is Oddmall’s holiday show celebration. Dozens of vendors, live entertainment, Santas and elves and pirates and Hanukkah Armadillos and Krampus and all the other stuff you’ve come to associate with the winter holidays figuratively drips from the walls and ceilings like tinsel from the buns of a curiously gluttonous cat. Don’t picture that last part. I don’t know why I wrote it. 
  • WHEN: December 13th, 14th, and 15th, 2024
  • WHEN WHEN: Friday 6pm-9pm, Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 10am-5pm
    Entertainment and parties continue until late Friday and Saturday.
  • WHERE: The Bertram Inn & Conference Center
  • WHERE WHERE: 600 North Aurora Rd. Aurora, Ohio 44202
  • WHERE WHERE WHERE: Discounted hotel reservation can be made through the following link (coming soon).
  • HOW MUCH: While entry is completely free, we have it on good authority that your generous donation of five dollars or more will plop you firmly on Santa’s nice list…
  • HOW: Ski, sled, or travel by flying reindeer. Maybe drive a car or some sort of custom van with a muscular, guitar-playing Santa Claus airbrushed on the side panel.
  • HUH: Vendor information can be found hereVENDOR SETUP information can be found here.
  • WHY: It’s an Oddmall holiday show. An. Oddmall. Holiday. Show. This is absolutely the best place in the universe to nab amazing gifts for the people you love and also the people to whom you are obligated by social contract to buy gifts for even though you’d rather not.

Jazz Unique to Chrishanukwanzmadan

  • THE ODDMALL HOLIDAY PARTIES! All Oddmall vendors and their friends are invited to the Oddmall Holiday Parties Saturday night at the hotel.
  • The Friday Night Pajama Party – It’s Holidaymas Eve and we are all kids, too excited to sleep, dressed in our pajamas, sipping hot chocolate, drinking drinks and munching snacks provided by Sweet Cede’s Just Deserts and D-Bo’s Grill, while jamming out to the spinnings of DJ Critlt. Pajama’s are encouraged but not required. The party starts at 9pm on Friday.
  • The Saturday Night Holiday Costume PartyDJ Critlt spins again as we all show up in our optional holiday costumes and get busy with our own bad selves (and each other). Food and drinks are provided by D-Bo’s Grill and Sweet Cede’s Just Deserts. It’s going to be epic!. Saturday at 8pm.

F01: Double Deuce Kettle Corn
F02: Available
F03: Available
F04: Available
F05: Available
F06: Available
F07: Available
F08: Available

Entertainment Schedule (The listed schedule is from 2023 and will be replaced soon).


6:00pm: TBA
7:00pm: TBA
8:00: TBA
9:00: TBA


1:00pm: TBA
2:00pm: TBA
3:00pm: The Oddmall Costume Contest
4:00pm: TBA
5:00pm: The Ugliest Sweater Contest
7:00pm: TBA
8:00pm: TBA
9:00pm: TBA
10:00pm: TBA


1:00pm: TBA
2:00pm: TBA
3:00pm: The Oddmall Costume Contest
4:00pm: TBA

  • SANTA MOTHERLOVIN’ CLAUS! Of course Santa Claus will be there. If we’re lucky we might also have Pirate Santa, Krampus, a bunch of elves, Rudolph, Hanukkah Zombie, Kwanzabot, and a veritable rogue’s gallery of holiday personalities. Guests and vendors are encouraged to come in costume!
  • CRAFTING DEMOS! Oddmall artists will be hosting various demos and workshops featuring a variety of awesome projects. Some workshops have an associated fee in order to cover the cost of materials. It happens in the South Pole downstairs near the pool.

  • THE ANNUAL ODDMALL VENDOR HOLIDAY GIFT EXCHANGE! If you are an Oddmall vendor and wish to participate in this festive event simply bring a wrapped gift (something you created or sell at your booth). We will collect the gifts and disperse them randomly to all participants like a bunch of reverse Grinches (or regular Santas). Don’t get caught up in the minutia of how much each gift is worth – just wrap up something you would feel good getting if it was gifted to you and you didn’t already have a whole bunch of it because you made it.
  • FRIDAY NIGHT PREVIEW AND PARTY! There’s a preview show that’s open to the public while the vendors are setting up Friday evening. There will also be a party going on with live entertainment and all sorts of great jazz!
  • THE ODDMALL: CHRISHANUKWANZMADAN GIFT FROM SANTA FREE BOOTH PROMOTIONAL THING! Free booths at future Oddmall shows as a gift from Santa when you reserve a hotel room for Chrishanukwanzmadan? Yes. Click here to learn more (coming soon).
  • UGLY SWEATER COMPETITION! Whose sweater is the most hideous? Everybody can enter! You can bring a store-bought wooly thing or make your own. It’s up to you. There will be competitions Saturday and Sunday and also prizes handed out randomly to peeps donning gay apparel.
  • Professional tattoo artists, body piercers, and other such artists are here! All body artists must be properly licensed and all operations are subject to the laws and regulations of Ohio and Summit County. Click here for more information about INKcentricity at Oddmall. Body art vendors should register for booths just as any other vendor would, using the online registration form. Con on the Cob typically has several tattoo artists in attendance.

  • CIRCUS INVERSUS! Circus Inversus returns with an incredible display of aerial acrobatics!
  • STORY TIME WITH UNCLE KYLAN! Uncle Kylan reads Die Hard. If we’re lucky we might also get Jungle Mango to read us The Barnyard Boogie… Saturday at 2pm in Santa’s Lair.
  • BELLYDANCING! Shuvani Dance Studio regales us with their hypnotic motions.
  • THE ODDMALL KID CAVE! Our good pals from Mr. Rose’s Art Room will be hosting the Oddmall Kid Cave – a special zone overflowing with a variety of hands-on art and craft projects.

Booth Prices

Yellow (3’x8′): $90
Purple (6’x8′): $180
Green (6’x12′): $250
Pink (10’x10′): $350
Food Truck (10’x20′): $180

A Map of the Place 

Here, for the edification of the inquisitive, we present this map of the venue laid out in full Oddmall gloriosity!

Artist & Vendor List


1. Alpaca Snack
2. Bazaar Bars
3. Available
4. Available
5. Available
6. Ironwood’s Child
7. Different Branches llc

41. Available
42. Crystal Gates
43. Goofy Foot Pottery
44. Available

59. Available
60. Available
61. Available
62. Available
63. Available
112. Available
113. Available


9. Pure Romance
10. Available
11. Available
12. Available
13. Sandy’s Cakes and Sweets
14. Available
15. Tempting Sweets Plus
16. Available
17. The Crafti Loop
18. Available
19. Crochet Hippy Designs
20. Available
21. Cleveland Sleeves
22. Santa’s Lair
23. Krampus’s Domain
29. Available
30. Available
31. Available
32. Available
36. Available
37. Available
38. Available
39. Available
40. Available
45. Available
46. Available
47. Available
49. Available
50. Available
51. Available
52. Available
53. Available
54. Available
56. Available
57. Available
58. Available
64. A Crow’s Comforts
65. Available
66. Available
67. The Light Trading Co.
68. The Light Trading Co.
69. The Light Trading Co.
70. Flexi Friends
71. Available
72. Available
73. Available
74. Available
75. Available
77. Druid’s Garden Tea Co.
78. Owl Talyn Press
79. Available
80. Available
81. Available
82. Available
83. Available
84. Available
85. Available
86. Available
87. Available
88. Available
90. Available
91. Available
92. Available
92. Available
93. Available
94. Available
95. Available
114. Available
115. Available
116. Available
117. Available
121. Available
122. Available
123. Available
124. Available
125. Available
126. Available
127. Available


08. Liquid Luck
24. Available
25. Available
26. Available

28. 3 Kids Candy
33. Available
34. Available
35. Available

48. Available
55. Available
76. Available
89. Available

118. Available
119. Available
120. Available


96. Available
97. Available
98. Available
99. Available
100. Available
101. Available
102. Available
103. Fyre of the Phoenix
104. Available
105. Available
106. Available
107. Available
108. Available
109. Available
110. Available
111. Available


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