Oddmall: Chrishanukwanzmadan at a glance

  • WHAT: Chrishanukwanzmadan is Oddmall’s holiday show celebration. Dozens of vendors, live entertainment, Santas and elves and pirates and Hanukkah Armadillos and Krampus and all the other stuff you’ve come to associate with the winter holidays figuratively drips from the walls and ceilings like tinsel from the buns of a curiously gluttonous cat. Don’t picture that last part. I don’t know why I wrote it.
  • WHEN: December 11, 2021
  • WHEN WHEN: Saturday 10am-6pm
  • WHERE: Tadmor Shrine – 3000 Krebs Drive  Akron, Ohio 44319
  • HOW MUCH: We have it on good authority that your generous donation of five dollars or more will plop you firmly on Santa’s nice list…
  • HOW: Ski, sled, or travel by flying reindeer. Maybe drive a car or some sort of custom van with a muscular, guitar-playing Santa Claus airbrushed on the side panel.
  • HUH: Vendor information can be found here.
  • WHY: It’s an Oddmall holiday show. An. Oddmall. Holiday. Show. This is absolutely the best place in the universe to nab amazing gifts for the people you love and also the people to whom you are obligated by social contract to buy gifts for even though you’d rather not.

Jazz Unique to Chrishanukwanzmadan

  • SANTA MOTHERLOVIN’ CLAUS! Of course Santa Claus will be there. If we’re lucky we might also have Pirate Santa, Krampus, a bunch of elves, Rudolph, Hanukkah Zombie, Kwanzabot, and a veritable rogue’s gallery of holiday personalities. Guests and vendors are encouraged to come in costume!
  • BOOZE! The lounge will be open and serving inexpensive alcoholic beverages and other delightful delights.
  • BOARD GAMES! We’ll have an assortment of games in the lounge as well for peoples and meeples to play.
  • THE ODDMALL HOLIDAY PARTAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!! After the show on Saturday night we’ll head on over to Oddmall Outpost: Assembly of Odd for games, grub, socializing and fun! All vendors and their friends are invited.

Five additional yellow booths are located in the lobby just outside the entrance
(Booths 65-69).

Artist & Vendor List

  1. Available
  2. Available
  3. Jeremy Reitzel Ink
  4. Grandiose Glitches
  5. Chubby Worm Art
  6. To The Moon and Back Custom Designs
  7. Lila Rose Hair Awesome
  8. Shows and Stitches
  9. Concealed Realms
  10. Available
  11. Lord Ponsonby oddities
  12. Available
  13. Creepy Craft Boutique
  14. Available
  15. ReAmused
  16. Akron Horror Hounds
  17. Enchanted Nails with Emily
  18. Tales Unlimited (Marcus Calvert)
  19. Ariana’s Bazaar
  20. Scentsy with Ashley Wyant
  21. Northcoast Armor
  22. Northcoast Armor
  23. Available
  24. Available
  25. Art by Alana
  26. seesquaredknots
  27. Available
  28. Available
  29. Myers Custom Creations
  30. Miscreant and the Muse
  31. Available
  32. Available
  33. Available
  34. Available
  35. Available
  36. Available
  37. Rigo Creations
  38. Moonraven Studios
  39. Available
  40. Available
  41. Available
  42. Available
  43. Available
  44. Available
  45. Available
  46. Available
  47. Available
  48. Available
  49. Myth & Stitch Embroidery
  50. Available
  51. Available
  52. Available
  53. Available
  54. Available
  55. Available
  56. Available
  57. Available
  58. Available
  59. Available
  60. Available
  61. Available
  62. Twistedwire Inc.
  63. Available
  64. Shoggoth Soaps
  65. Craymer’s Crafts
  66. Mirrored K Studio
  67. Available
  68. Available
  69. Available