Oddmall: Chrishanukwanzmadan at a glance

  • WHAT: Chrishanukwanzmadan is Oddmall’s holiday show celebration. Dozens of vendors, live entertainment, Santas and elves and pirates and Hanukkah Armadillos and Krampus and all the other stuff you’ve come to associate with the winter holidays figuratively drips from the walls and ceilings like tinsel from the buns of a curiously gluttonous cat. Don’t picture that last part. I don’t know why I wrote it.
  • WHEN: December 9, 10, and 11, 2022
  • WHEN WHEN: Friday 11am-6pm, Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 10am-5pm
  • WHERE: The Stray Dog Event Center – 520 Main St. Building 24 (5th Floor) Akron, Ohio
  • HOW MUCH: We have it on good authority that your generous donation of five dollars or more will plop you firmly on Santa’s nice list…
  • HOW: Ski, sled, or travel by flying reindeer. Maybe drive a car or some sort of custom van with a muscular, guitar-playing Santa Claus airbrushed on the side panel.
  • HUH: Vendor information can be found here
  • WHY: It’s an Oddmall holiday show. An. Oddmall. Holiday. Show. This is absolutely the best place in the universe to nab amazing gifts for the people you love and also the people to whom you are obligated by social contract to buy gifts for even though you’d rather not.

Jazz Unique to Chrishanukwanzmadan

  • SANTA MOTHERLOVIN’ CLAUS! Of course Santa Claus will be there. If we’re lucky we might also have Pirate Santa, Krampus, a bunch of elves, Rudolph, Hanukkah Zombie, Kwanzabot, and a veritable rogue’s gallery of holiday personalities. Guests and vendors are encouraged to come in costume!
  • COSTUME CONTEST! The grand prize winner nabs a FREE 4 Day Badge to Con on the Cob 2023!
  • UGLY SWEATER COMPETITION! Whose sweater is the most hideous? Everybody can enter!
  • CIRCUS INVERSUS! Circus Inversus returns with an incredible display of aerial acrobatics!
  • STORY TIME WITH UNCLE KYLAN! Uncle Kylan reads Die Hard.
  • BELLYDANCING! Shuvani Dance Studio regales us with their hypnotic motions.


A Map of the Place 

Here, for the edification of the inquisitive, we present a map of The Stray Dog Event Center laid out in full Oddmall gloriosity!

Artist & Vendor List

1.Pair of Medics Designs
2. Pair of Medics Designs
3. Kilted Katana Creations
4. Wicks and Wonders
5. Stay Twisted – Twisted Wire Art
6. Sunny Conure Co.
7. A.M. McPherson
8. Feathered Pen Studios
9. Scandleous Crafts
10. Dark Moon’s Designs
11. Dik Whip
12. CreepyCraftBoutique
13. Craig Cartography
14. The Odd Thread
15. Casual Killjoy
16. OpTIEcal DYEllusion Design
17. Gweneth Keith
18. DeAngelis Fine Art
19. To The Moon & Back Custom Designs, LLC
22. Make Room For Columns, llc
23. Starling Witchcraft
24. Laynie Grace
25. SheGeek Productions
26. Starling Witchcraft
27. Dinda Moe’s Unique Chocolates
28. Kayla Ascencio Fantasy Art
29. Craftivist & Freedom Taillight Project
30. Little Lion Press
31. Turtle Bear Trading Company
32. SungodStudios
33. Black Willow Products
34. Sarah Zanko (Scentsy)
35. Tor’s Prints: Stickers and Things
36. Unicorn Massacres Designs
37. Yatta Creations
39. JR Bath
40. Chelsey Miller Artistry
41. The Salty Hive Home & Body
42. Sorry, there’s no 42
43. Coffee Cup Candle Co.
44. Rebecca Wedell
45. SFF Authors Dan R. Arman and Mary R. Arman
46. Smile Inside and Gazing Glass
47. Craymers Crafts
48. Athas an Tasoil
49. Myers Custom Creations
50. Griffy Digital
51. One Strand at a Time
52. Flutter-Bye Boutique
53. Linda Biermann
54. Sarah Nerd’s Bugs & Bones
55. Ms. N. Potts
56. Myth and Stitch Embroidery
57. Myth and Stitch Embroidery
58. Myth and Stitch Embroidery
59. My Doods
60. Joanne Schempp
61. CreepyPeepCreations
62. The Ghost of Christmas Nonexistent
63. This Booth Is Not a Thing
64. Nothing to See Here
65. Absentee Booth
66. Don’t Look!
67. A Booth That is Not a Booth
68. Booth? What Booth?
69. Seatfiller Booth
70. Tempting Sweets Plus
71. Brett Guerra & Pals Tattoo Zone
72. Brett Guerra & Pals Tattoo Zone
73. Wednesday Workshop
74. Looks Twice / Earth Lights
75. 3D Print Forge
76. Belbooken Candle & Apothecary
77. Taylor Made Creations
78. His Daughter Designs
79. Bear Buddies
80. Flutter-Bye Boutique
81. The Light Trading Co., llc
82. Dragonwycks
83. The Empurrium
84: Renewal
85: Acathla Clothing
86. Darbynwoods
87. Darbynwoods
88. Crafty Shop of Horrors
89. Crafty Shop of Horrors
90. Murdercide Peculiarities
91. Ashen Relics & Wares
92. Star Catcher Studio
93. Star Catcher Studio
94. Taylermade Studios
95. The Crafty Beard
96. The Crafty Beard
97. The Crafty Beard
98. Bunny Bee Boutique
99. Bunny Bee Boutique
100. BlackeHavoc Studios
101. 3Cat Collectibles
102. 3Cat Collectibles
103. Live Dream Create
104. Live Dream Create
105. Brown&Co.
106. Brown&Co.
107. Brown&Co.
108. Brown&Co.
109. Wolf Lake Press
110. Citrus Witch Craft
111. Thief Media
112. Kimmy Sparkles
113. Amanda’s Homerun Nails
114. Peace, Love, & Pride
115. Initiative Design
116. Senn-Sational Designs
117. punkBabyboo
118. punkBabyboo
119. Melnik Manifestations
120. Melnik Manifestations
121. Canine and Coffee Corner
122. Canine and Coffee Corner
123. skullypop designs and Grandiose Glitches
124. Gremlin Graveyard
125. Ohio Gaming Alliance
126. Ohio Gaming Alliance
127. Da mixing pot / DurbowLLC
128. Da mixing pot / DurbowLLC
129. Kase-n-Lane Eclectic Artisans
130. Kase-n-Lane Eclectic Artisans
131. Nickleby’s Color Blind Studio
132. Adams Family Apiaries
133. Pieces of my mind
134. Chelsey’s Abundance of Wonder
135. SpillProofLiquid
136. Angelicious
137. Terra Masu Cafe
138. GL Unique Designs
139. Psycho Barbies DHA
140. Panns Art
141. Amanda Fargo
142. Tales Unlimited
143. Hannah Rae Art
144. NRG
145. NRG
146. Three Clover
147. Three Clover
148. Three Clover
149. Chris Reese
150. Chris Reese
151. Chris Reese
152. Immortal Nerd
153. Immortal Nerd

Entertainment Schedule

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