Riverside Ramble

Oddmall: Riverside Ramble at a Glance

  • WHAT: A meandering village of Oddmall vendors and entertainers in a beautifully scenic outdoor setting among the trees, next to a lake, and across from a gently flowing shallow river. How could you even think of missing it?
  • WHEN: June 9, 2024
  • WHEN WHEN: Sunday 10am-5pm
  • WHERE:  Monument Park – 900-1150 Stadium Park Dr NW, Canton, OH 44707
    (Just south of 12th Street).
  • HOW MUCH: Entry is completely free, although we sincerely appreciate your donations and depend on them to keep the show alive (no pressure, though).
  • HOW: Paddle, drift, float, lounge, saunter, swagger, strut, drive a vehicle of some sort. It’s really up to you. The world is you proverbial oyster.
  • HUH: Vendor information can be found here.
  • WHY: What better way to enjoy a pleasant summer day? There is none. No better way. Not one.
  • WHU: Here’s a link to the Facebook Event so you can plop it on your calendar.

  • OUTDOOR GAMES AND ACTIVITIES! Riverside Ramble is at one of Canton’s largest and most iconic parks. There are playgrounds, trails, fields and all sorts of places to set up badminton, croquet, kubb, and various other fun games. Bring your own or play ours (just please remember badminton racquets are for badding mintons, not clobbering foes).

  • FOOD TRUCKS! That’s right, FOOD TRUCKS! Everyone loves FOOD TRUCKS!!! Riverside Ramble hosts six to eight food trucks. If you are interested in being a food vendor at Oddmall: Riverside Ramble please follow this link.

Food Trucks

F01: Sweet Cedes Meals 2 Go
F02: Available
F03: Available
F04: Available
F05: Available
F06: Available
F07: Available
F08: Available

  • PET COSTUME CONTEST! You read that correctly. Well, I assume you did. You might have read it as “PEST COSTUME CONTEST”, which is something completely different and neither offered nor endorsed at Oddmall: Riverside Ramble. Bring your pets. It’s outside, after all. Put them in costumes or just fancy them up a bit and show them off to the adoring crowd. Click here for more information!

  • Oh yeah, there’s also a costume contest for humans.

  • THE GREAT EYEWASH EYEBALL RIVER RACE! Nab yourself a numbered giant eyeball for only $3 (or two for $5). We’ll race them down the river at 4pm. Whoever’s eyeball reaches the finish line first wins a sweet, sweet prize package donated by our awesome vendors. Prizes are also offered for other top finishers. Eyeballs can be nabbed at the Oddmall Souvenirium or from the wandering eyeball mongers who infest the place.



Booths at Oddmall: Riverside Ramble are grouped into a long village that meanders through a wooded meadow. Each booth is a 10’x10′ square (roughly; there’s a little wiggle room to make space for tent stakes and such).

Canopies, Tables, and Chairs

Vendors are responsible for bringing their own tables, chairs, blankets, etc… We strongly suggest you bring a tent or canopy to protect you and your goods from the sun and wind. ALL TENTS AND CANOPIES MUST BE CONSTRUCTED OF FLAME RESISTANT MATERIALS AND MUST BE ASSEMBLED ACCORDING TO THE MANUFACTURER’S INSTRUCTIONS (by order of the fire marshall). All tents and canopies must be held in place by stakes or weights in a manner compliant with the manufacturer’s instructions.


You are welcome to bring your own battery powered generators, but since this is an outdoor show we can not provide electrical hookups. No gas powered or loud generators will be invited.

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2024 Vendors

1. The Oddmall Souvenirium
2. Dave
3. Addy Dsgn
4. Myers Custom Creations
5. Dear Vincent
6. Mary Hostettler
7. Eclectic 8 Crafts
8. Arcadian Crafts
9. Crystal Wilkes
10. Black Squirrel Studios
11. Kilted Katana

12. Onyx Creations

13. Wrappin’ Osborne
14. Life Awakened Books

66. She Shed Designs by Debi



Entertainment Schedule

12:00pm: Gosinic
2:00pm: The Cavalcade of Costumed Critters – Pet Costume Contest
3:00pm: Human Costume Contest
3:30pm: The Great Eyewash Eyeball Race

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