Oddmall: Hallowondrous at a glance

  • WHAT: It’s the HALLOWEEN edition of Oddmall. Dozens upon dozens of fantastic artists and vendors mob the scene at Tadmore Shrine. There’s a HAUNTED HAY RIDE, live entertainment, trick or treating, some really incredible artists, monsters, makeup and way, way more.
  • WHEN: October 21 & 22, 2022
  • WHEN WHEN: Friday 4pm-11pm*, Saturday 2pm-10pm.
  • WHERE:  The Absolutely Haunted Tadmor Shrine in Definitely Haunted Akron, Ohio at Significantly Haunted 3000 Krebs Drive, 44319
  • HOW MUCH: Free to get in. Five dollars to leave. Nah, I’m just playing with you. It’s free (but we do appreciate and depend on your donations).
  • HOW: Maybe ride a broomstick or that awesome car the Munsters drove around in.
  • HUH: Vendor information can be found here.
  • WHY: Seriously? It’s Oddmall and Halloween. Do you even need a reason?

Jazz Unique to Hallowondrous

  • An ENTIRE GOOSING HAUNTED HAY RIDE!!!!!!! Wow, this might be the coolest thing we’ve ever had at an Oddmall show (maybe, I’m not sure, we’ve done a lot of cool things…). Tadmor hosts a Haunted House and a Haunted Hay Ride on the same site as Oddmall. It’s going to be awesome because people can enjoy both events simultaneously and our crowds will just add to each other in a Venom-like symbiosis of awesomeness! Also, it’s a HAUNTED HAY RIDE!!!!!
  • TRICK OR TREAT! All the little whippersnappers, sprites, urchins, and chillunzes should come in costume and get there Trick or Treat on a bit early this year. Vendors are encouraged to keep a bowl of something tasty or interesting to hand out. Trick or treating takes place all day both days. Just wear a costume and say the magic words. You know what to do…
  • COSTUME CONTEST! Of course there will be a costume contest. In fact, the winner of Best-in-Show will earn a FREE BADGE to Con on the Cob 2023!
  • HALLOWEEN STUFF! We will be decorating for Halloween and there will be some very cool Halloween jazz happening at the show.
  • TWO DAY SHOW! Although vendors may choose to only participate on one day, Oddmall: Hallowondrous is a TWO DAY SHOW!  How cool is that? Very cool is the answer. Very, very cool…
  • FRIDAY NIGHT PARTY AND MUSICAL EXTRAVAGANZA! Our hours on Friday and Saturday are designed to coincide with Tadmor’s Haunted House and Haunted Hayride in order to bring in as many people as possible. That means we’re going to be there kind of late, so WHY NOT HAVE A PARTY? Why not, indeed… There will be food, music, and other forms of awesomeness. I’m working on the details right now, but trust me, it will be EPIC!









Participating Vendors

  1. The Artful Cricket
  2. The Artful Cricket
  3. Alissa Renzetti
  4. Tor’s Prints: Stickers and Things
  5. IAC Laser Engraving
  6. IAC Laser Engraving
  7. Fear the Beard Art
  8. Shows and Stitches
  9. Cotton Candy Crafting
  10. DeAngelis Fine Art
  11. Planted Beauty
  12. SFF Authors Dan R. Arman and Mary R. Arman
  13. Turtle Bear Trading Company
  14. Scott Kraynak
  15. Jackson Arthur
  16. Piecesofmymind
  17. Ariana’s Bazaar
  18. Pine Pog Art
  19. Found Universe Crafts
  20. Available
  21. Available
  22. Available
  23. Ohio Gaming Alliance
  24. Chelsey’s Triple Happiness
  25. Freudenberger’s Burgermeisters
  26. Tabellion Design Co.
  27. Clay with a “K”
  28. MyAsylum-Art by Emily Szalkowski
  29. Tor’s Prints: Stickers and Things
  30. Pair of Medics Designs
  31. Casual Killjoy
  32. David Balog – Author
  33. Michael MacWolff
  34. Michael Monaco
  35. Skye Graphics
  36. Skye Graphics
  37. Myth and Stitch
  38. Ariana’s Bazaar
  39. Concealed Realms, M. Ainihi
  40. Brown & Co.
  41. His Daughter Designs
  42. Beancat Studios
  43. The Cement Head
  44. The Salty Hive Home and Body
  45. Kayla Ascencio Fantasy Art
  46. Journals By Jane
  47. Available
  48. Counting Worms
  49. Available
  50. Crumbs & Bites Bakery
  51. Rigo Creations
  52. 3Cat Collectibles
  53. Live Dream Create
  54. Three Clover
  55. Three Clover
  56. Starling Witchcraft
  57. CreepyPeepsCreations
  58. The Crafty Beard
  59. Randa’s Crafty World
  60. Randa’s Crafty World
  61. JR Bath
  62. Available
  63. Available
  64. EmByMarissa
  65. Lefty Loves Crafts
  66. Available
  67. Available
  68. Available
  69. Available
  70. Available
  71. Available
  72. Available
  73. The Empurrium
  74. Available