Oddmall: Hallowondrous at a glance

  • WHAT: Oddmall returns to the greater Cleveland area with the HALLOWEEN edition of Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird. An overflowing cauldron of amazing artists, vendors, cosplayers, entertainers, crafters and purveyors of all things fantastic, geeky, incredible, bizarre, weird, horrific, handmade, and wonderful present their creations and expressions for the enjoyment of the populace! ART – ODDITY- AWESOMENESS!
  • WHEN: October 20-22, 2023
  • WHEN WHEN: Friday 5pm-10pm, Saturday 12pm-10pm, Sunday 10am-5pm
  • WHERE:  Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds Building 38
    19201 E Bagley Rd, Berea, OH 44130
  • HOW MUCH: Free to get in. Five dollars to leave. Nah, I’m just playing with you. It’s free (but we do appreciate and depend on your donations).
  • HOW: Maybe ride a broomstick or that awesome car the Munsters drove around in.
  • HUH: Vendor information can be found here.
  • WHY: Seriously? It’s Oddmall and Halloween. Do you even need a reason?

Awesome stuff to do at Hallowondrous

  • THE ODDMALL HALLOWONDROUS OUTDOOR MARKETPLACE OF WONDERS! Oddmall: Hallowondrous is home to THE ODDMALL NIGHT MARKET. This is a fancy way of saying it’s open into the evening.  

  • Vendors and activities at Hallowondrous will happen both inside and outside. 

  • TRICK OR TREAT! All the little whippersnappers, sprites, urchins, and chillunzes should come in costume and get their Trick or Treat on a bit early this year. Vendors are encouraged to keep a bowl of something tasty or interesting to hand out. Trick or treating takes place all three days. Just wear a costume and say the magic words. You know what to do…

  • COSTUME CONTEST! Of course there will be a costume contest. In fact, the winner of Best-in-Show will earn a FREE BADGE to Con on the Cob 2024! It happens at 7pm on Friday and at 3pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Everyone is invited to participate. Just show up near the gazebo about 15 minutes before the contest.
  • HALLOWEEN STUFF! We will be decorating for Halloween and there will be some very cool Halloween jazz happening at the show.
  • THREE DAY SHOW! Although vendors may choose to only participate on one or two days, Oddmall: Hallowondrous is a THREE DAY SHOW!  How cool is that? Very cool is the answer. Very, very cool…

Food Trucks (10’x30′)

F01: Southern Things Grub Truck
F02: The Flaming Marshmallow LTD
F03: D-BO’s Grill, LLC
F04: Galaxy Grill
F05: Birdie’s Food Truck
F06: The Eccentric Panda
F07: El Patron Birria and Cuisine
F08: The Road Scholar Food truck (hibachi)
F09: JC’s Pulled Pork
F10: Fresche Catering
F11: Available
F12: Available

Hallowondrous Entertainment Schedule

Haunted Gazebo Stage

Friday October 20

5pm: TBA
6pm: TBA
7pm: Costume Contest
8pm: TBA
9pm: TBA

Saturday October 21

12pm: TBA
1pm: TBA
2pm: TBA
3pm: Costume Contest
4pm: TBA
5pm: TBA
6pm: TBA
7pm: TBA
8pm: TBA
9pm: TBA

Sunday October 22

12pm: TBA
1pm: TBA
2pm: TBA
3pm: Costume Contest
4pm: TBA


Booth Prices

Fee covers ALL THREE DAYS! Yeah!

Yellow (3’x8′): $95 
Purple (6’x8′): $190
Green (6’x12′): $260
Pink (10’x10′): $350
Blue (10’x15′) OUTSIDE: $180
Food Truck (10’x30′) OUTSIDE: $180

Artist & Vendor List

Here, for the edification of the inquisitive, is a list of current Oddmall: Hallowondrous artists and vendors:


Yellow Booths (3’x8′)

01: Justin Straub
07: Murdercide Peculiarities
08: Pixie dust Creations
09: Gravely Delicious
10: Akron Garden Party
11: Gremlin Graveyard
12: Sweet Cedes Just Desserts
13: Megan Esposito
14: Available
15: DA Mixing Pot
16: DA Mixing Pot
17: DA Mixing Pot
18: Wickedly Co.
19: Greeniedcat
20: The Citrus Witch
21: SpillProofLiquid
22: Psycho Barbie DHA
23: Available
24: Juliefoo.com
25: Crafts by Courtney
26: MKIII Creations
27: Shows and Stitches
28: Bruce Czika Designs
29: Rustic Steampunk

Purple Booths (6’x8′)

31: My Asylum – The Art of Emily Szalkowski
32: Big Fat Magick
33: Zenophelion
34: Berkana hall
35: This Booth is a Ghost
36: ORCS Leather
37: Sage’s Succulents
38: Funky Fresh Soaps
39: Cryptid Garden
40: Almost Sisters, llc
41: Almost Sisters, llc
43: Almost Sisters, llc
44: Almost Sisters, llc
45: Nocturne Tarot
46: VelkStudio
47: Jungle Mango’s Snakestravaganza
48: Shoogachi
49: Ryu no Sakebi – Pottery & Blacksmithing
50: Gone Crazy for Crystals
51: Cryptic Odds
52: Micheal McConnell Art
54: Sandy’s Cakes and Sweets
55: Mostly Lucky Crafts And Art
56: Dave Writes and Draws
57: Dave Writes and Draws
58: Wispwood Grove
59: Wispwood Grove
60: Raphdoods
61: Saggitarius Moons
62: Beautifully Broken
63: Jupiter’s Moons Art Glass
65: Mimpi Magic Creations
66: Matthew Holland’s Art
67: DM Screenprints and Goods
68: Art of John Ruple
69: Concealed Realms
70: JR Luxury Bath
71: Burlap and Blood
72: Honey Babies Candles
73: Ohio State Waterproofing
74: Freedom Taillight Project
76: 3Cat Collectibles
77: 3Cat Collectibles
78: Live Dream Create
79: LaJAshley
80: Available
81: Available
82: Teetroit Printing LLC
84: Little Lion Press
85: Available
87: Available
88: Available
89: Available
90: Teetroit Printing LLC
91: Available
95: Available
96: Available
98: Available
99: Available
100: Available
101: Available
102: Available
104: Available
105: Available
106: Available
107: Available
109: Customcade
110: Available
111: Available
113: Available
114: Available
115: Available
116: Available
117: Available
118: J.S. Knits
120: Myers Custom Creations
121: Myers Custom Creations
122: Sarah Nerd’s Bugs and Bones
123: Jak Lore
124: EmByMarissa
125: Tiana’s Tags
126: De Angelis Fine Art
127: De Angelis Fine Art
128: Starling Witchcraft
129: Scentsy with Sarah Zenko
130: Kilted Katana
131: To the Moon and Back
143: Freudenburger’s Froody Burgers
144: Jungle Mango’s Snakestravaganza
145: Happy Bear
146: Lady Livingstone
147: NeonxDecay
148: Queen Sized by Cheryl
149: Belbooken Candle Company
150: Belle Weathered
151: Carole’s Creations
152: Acrylics and Aptitude
153: Three Clover Candle
154: Three Clover Candle

Green Booths (6’x12′)

30: 3D Print Forge
42: The Empurrium
53: Laynie Grace
64: Creepy Peep Creations
75: Tempting Sweets
86: Kitten Confetti Creations
97: Blattel Glaze Pour Pottery
108: Bunny Bee Boutique
119: The Cement Head
132: The Art of Old School
142: Hedge Witch Tarot & Spiritual Services
155: Gamer’s Lair

Pink Booths (10’x10′)

02: Pandora’s Creations
03: Rootstown Haunted Trail and The Dane Foundation
04: Beatle’s & Various LPs
05: LeafFilter
06: Alissa Renzetti
133: Dirty Deeds Creations, llc
134: Black Squirrel Studios
135: Earth Lights
136: Guy James, llc
137: Dirty Deeds
138: Little Bug Custom Tumblers and Boho Bags
139: Cotton Candy Crafting
140: IAC Laser Engraving
141: Myth & Stitch Embroidery


Blue Booths (10’x15′)

G01: Pair of Medics Designs
G02: Wild Roots Herbal Care
G03: Freedom Taillight Project
G04: Acathla Clothing Company
G05: Mulvey Creations
G06: W&T 3D Prints
G07: Mystical Mayhem Co.
G08: Available
G09: Available
G02: Available
G10: Available
G11: Available
G12: Available
G13: Available
G14: Available
G15: Available
G16: Available
G17: Available
G18: Available
G19: Available
G20: Available
G21: Available
G22: Available
G23: Available
G24: Available
G25: Available
G26: Available
G27: Available
G28: Available
G29: Available
G30: Available
G31: Available
G32: Available
G33: Available
G34: Available
G35: Available
G36: Available
G37: Available
G38: Available
G39: Available
G39: Available
G40: Available
G41: Available
G42: Available
G43: Colored Threads
G44: Available
G45: Available
G46: Available
G47: Available
G48: Freaky Fruits
G49: Freaky Fruits
G50: Available
G51: Aoibhneas Athas
G52: All Put Together
G53: Available
G54: Available
G55: Available
G56: Available
G57: Available
G58: Available
G59: Available
G60: Menagerie of Makers
G61: Available
G62: Available
G63: Available

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