Oddmall: Inside Out

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WHAT: It’s Oddmall’s BIGGEST SHOW EVER!!!!!! It’s called Inside Out because there will be all sorts of great things happening both INSIDE and OUTSIDE of the venue. TWO entertainment stages, an exotic animal expo, outdoor games, Food Trucks, and hundreds of artists, entertainers, cosplayers, crafters, and purveyors of games, comics, toys, collectibles, and all things strange, weird, unusual, geeky, bizarre, imaginative, and wonderful!

WHEN: May 4-5, 2024

WHEN WHEN: Saturday 11am-8pm, Sunday 11am-5pm

WHERE: Stark County Fairgrounds Exhibition Hall

WHERE WHERE: 305 Wertz Ave NW, Canton, OH 44708

WHERE WHERE WHERE: Inside AND outside!

HOW MUCH: It’s as free as bird. I mean, a bird who is flying around in the wilderness, not one who is in a cage (but we do appreciate and depend on your donations).

HOW: Most people get there by car but if you drive some sort of cybernetically enhanced dinosaur or perhaps a Transformer or GoBot feel free to arrive in style.

HUH: Vendor registration information can be found here and vendor setup information can be found here.


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  • INSIDE AND OUTSIDE! There are vendors, entertainment stages, and other great things to do both INSIDE and OUTSIDE! This is also pretty great and is worthy of even more exclamation points!!!!!
  • The acrobats of Circus Inversus will be performing continuously in front of the main entrance to the Exhibition Hall at Oddmall: Inside Out on Friday (and possibly Saturday). You don’t want to miss them. It’s pretty epic.
  • ZOO ODD LOGY! It’s the Oddmall reptile and exotic animal show! Vendors selling (legal) reptiles and other exotic animals are invited to participate. We’ll have live animal educational demonstrations and vendors selling a wide variety of pets and pet accessories (I hope you inadvertently read that last part with Hank Hill’s voice). Animal vendors please sign up for Oddmall: Inside Out just as any other vendor would using the online registration form. Click here for more information.

    ZOO ODD LOGY vendors will be interspersed with the other Oddmall vendors for maximum awesomeness.
  • Our friends from Battlegrounds to Boardgames and Ohio Gaming Alliance will have a variety of board games and other tabletop games for you to play at booths 28-32. There will also be miniature painting, roleplaying games, and other snazzy diversions.
  • COSTUME CONTEST! Of course there will be a costume contest. In fact, the winner of Best-in-Show will earn a FREE BADGE to Con on the Cob 2024! It happens at 3:00pm Saturday and Sunday on the outdoor stage. No need to preregister; just show up in costume 15 minutes beforehand and we’ll get things going!!!!
  • ARTS & FARTS: Oddmall: Inside Out will be hosting the ODDMALL ARTS & FARTS Caravan of FOOD TRUCKS! Everybody loves food trucks. It’s a known fact. Oddmall: Inside Out will be host to several. Get your grub on for both LUNCH and DINNER! Oddmall judges will be sampling the fare of each grub-slinger and handing out awards for their favorite. FOOD TRUCK VENDORS please sign up for Oddmall: Inside Out (and other Oddmall shows) using the vendor registration form.

    There is an additional $75 charge if a food truck will be using electricity provided by the venue.

Participating Food Vendors

F01: Available
F02: Available
Freaky Fruits
A-Town Burgers & Brews
F05: Arctic Circle
F06: Available
F07: Available
F08: Available

F09: Available
F10: Available
F11: Available
F12: Available
F13: Available
F15: Available
F16: Available

F17: Available
F18: Available
F19: Available
F20: Available
F21: Available
F22: Available

  • THE KBC KIDZ “MORE FUN THAN JUST ABOUT ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE” SQUAT OF EXCITEMENT: Our pals at KBC Kidz will be onsite with giant inflatables, obstacle courses, slides, costumed characters, and a vast assortment of incredible things (wristband required).
  • OUTDOOR GAMES: Enjoy such diversions as GIANT CROQUET! REGULAR-SIZED CROQUET! BADMINTON! VOLLEYBALL! and other fun snazz, jazz, razz, and razzamatazz!
  • AXE THROWING! Oh, man! Our new friends from Grab That Axe will be outside with their state-of-the-art axe-throwing trailer. To clarify, the trailer itself does not throw axes. It’s the people in the trailer that throw the axes (at targets, not each other). You could be one of them!
  • This will be the first Oddmall show to feature a special area dedicated to nonprofit organizations and local businesses who want to promote themselves with carnival games or other fun experiences. If you are a local business or nonprofit who would like to participate please contact Andy at andy@andyhopp.com.
  • The stalwart warriors of Aelimor will be hosting The Aelimor Fighting Pit, a brutal arena where guests of all ages can engage in fierce combat where survival is decided by their wits, skill at arms, and the incompetence of their opponent. I’m overstating the danger for the sake of drama. All weapons are safe, foam-covered, and super cool.

    The Aelimor Fighting Pit is located in the grass near booth G75.
  • Oddmall: Inside Out is host to THE ODDMALL NIGHT MARKET. This is a snazzy way of saying it’s open into the evening.  
  • I AM VERY EXCITED!!!!… Oops, sorry. I ran out of exclamation points. Oh, wait, I found one in the bottom of the drawer!
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If you are interested in performing at Oddmall: Inside Out or any other Oddmall show please visit the Oddmall Entertainment page for more information.

SATURDAY May 4, 2024

Outside Entertainment Area

11am: TBA
12pm: TBA
1pm: TBA
2pm: TBA
3pm: The Oddmall Costume Contest
4pm: TBA
5pm: TBA
6pm: TBA
7pm: TBA
8pm: TBA
9pm: TBA
10pm: TBA

SUNDAY May 5, 2024

Outside Entertainment Area

11am: TBA
12pm: TBA
1pm: TBA
2pm: TBA
3pm: The Oddmall Costume Contest
4pm: TBA

Booth Prices

SPECIAL DEAL: All booths for Oddmall: inside Out 2024 are HALF THE LISTED PRICE until June 1st if you also nab (or already nabbed) a booth at Emporium of the Weird 2023 or Hallowondrous 2023!

Yellow (3’x8′): $90
Purple (6’x8′): $180
Green (6’x12′): $250
Pink (10’x10′): $350
Blue (10’x15′) OUTSIDE: $180
Food Truck (10’x30′) OUTSIDE: $180



Pink Booths

01: Available
02: Psycho Barbies DHA
03: Available
04: Creepy Peep Creations
05: Almost Sisters LLC
06: Almost Sisters LLC
07: Available
08: Available
09: Available
10: Available
11: Available
12: Available
13: Available
14: Available
15: Available
16: Available
17: Available
18: Available
19: Available
20: Available
21: Available
22: Available
23: Available
24: Available
25: Available
26: Available
27: Available
29: Available
30: Available
31: Available
32: Available
33: Available
34: Available
35: Available
36: Available
37: Available
38: Available
39: Available
40: Available
41: Available
42: Available
43: Available
44: Available
45: Available
46: Available
47: Available
48: Available
49: Available
50: Available

51: Available
52: Available
53: Available
54: Available

Green Booths

55: Friendship and Fantasy LLC
56: Dinda Moe’s Unique Chocolates
7: Fairies & Tails
58: Gamer’s Lair
59: MosKat Embroidery
60: Available
61: Available
62: Available
63: Available
64: Laynie Grace
65: Available
66: Available 
67: Available
68: Available
69: Three Clover

70: Available
71: Available
72: Available
73: Available

74: Available
75: Available

Yellow Booths

172: Magpie, The Art of Melissa Noseworthy
173: Garden Party
174: Faith & Connor Comics
175: Available
176: Available
177: Real Deal Hemp
178: Kitten Confetti Creations
179: Kitten Confetti Creations
180: Available
181: Available
182: Available
183: Available
184: Available

185: Available
186: Available
187: Available
188: Available
189: Available
190: Available
191: Available
192: Available
193: Available

194: Available
195: Available
196: Crafts by Courtney
197: Available
198: Available
199: Available
200: Available
201: Available
202: Available
203: Available
204: Available
205: Available
206: Available
207: Available
208: Available
209: Available
210: Available
211: Available
212: Available
213: Available
214: Available
215: Available
216: Available
217: Available
218: Available

219: Available
220: Available
221: Available
222: Available
223: Available
224: Available
225: Available
226: Available
227: Available
228: Available
229: Available
230: Available
231: Available
232: Available

233: Available
234: Available
235: ORCS Leather

Purple Booths

76: Gamer’s Lair
77: Berkana Hall
78: Beautifully Broken
79: Scrap Crone Art
80: Available
81: Available

82: Available
83: Available
84: Available
85: Available
86: Available
87: Gamer’s Lair
88: Kathy’s HandKrafted Kreations
89: Available
90: Available
91: Available
92: Available
93: Available
94: Available
95: Available
96: Available
97: Available
98: Available
99: Available
100: Available

101: Available
102: Available
103: Available
104: Available
105: Available
106: Available
107: Available
108: Available
109: Available
110: Available
112: Sandy’s cakes and sweets
113: Available
114: Available
115: Available
116: Available
117: Available
118: Available
119: Available
120: Available
121: Available
122: Available
123: Available
124: Available
125: Available
126: Available
127: Available
128: Available
129: Available
130: Available
131: Available
132: Available
133: Available
134: Available
135: Available
136: Available
137: Available
138: Available
139: Live Dream Create
140: 3Cat Collectibles
141: 3Cat Collectibles
142: Three Clover
143: Available
144: Owl Talyn Press
145: Available
146: Available
147: Available
148: Available
149: Available
150: Available
151: Available
152: Available
153: Available
154: Available
155: Available
156: Available
157: Available
158: Available
159: Available
160: Available
161: Available
162: Available
163: Available
164: Available
165: Available
166: Available
167: Available
168: Available
169: Available
170: Available
171: Available


Blue Booths

G01: Aoibhneas Athas
G02: Sweet Cedes Just Desserts & Luminous Lemonade
G03: Almost Sisters, llc
Blattel Glaze Pour Pottery
G05: Available
G06: Available
G07: Available
G08: Available
G09: Available
G10: Available
G11: Available
G12: Available
G13: Available
G14: Available
G15: Available
G16: Available
G17: Available
G18: Available
G19: Available
G20: Available
G21: Available
G22: Available
G23: Available
G24: Available
G25: Available
G26: Available
G27: Available
G28: Available
G29: Available
G30: Available
G31: Available
G32: Available
G33: Available
G34: Available
G35: Available
G36: Available
G37: Available
G38: Available
G39: Available
G40: Available
G41: Available
G42: Available
G43: Available
G44: Available
G45: Available
G46: Available
G47: Available
G48: Available
G49: Available
G50: Available
G51: Available
G52: Available
G53: Available
G54: Available
G55: Available
G56: Available
G57: Available
G57: Available

G58: Available
G59: Available
G60: Available
G61: Available
G62: Available
G63: Available
G64: Available
G65: Available
G66: Available
G67: Available
G68: Available
G69: Available
G70: Available
G71: Available
G72: Available
G73: Available
G74: Available
G75: Available
G76: Available
G77: Available
G78: Available
G79: Available
G80: Available
G81: Available
G82: Available
G83: Available
G84: Available

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