Special Happenings at Oddmall

Some Oddmall shows are inside. Some are outside. Some take place both inside and outside. Safety and security guidelines and rules are a bit different for outdoor vendors and indoor vendors.

Live entertainment is a staple of most Oddmall shows. Some have dedicated stages, some have wandering performers, some have a random plot of ground that acts as a makeshift theater, and some have all three. It depends on the show and the venue.

This is a fancy way of saying a show (or part of a show) happens when it’s dark outside. Outdoor vendors participating in a Night Market are encouraged to bring extra lighting and power cords to account for said darkness.

Did you know you can play board games and other tabletop games at some Oddmall shows? It’s true. You can.

ZOO ODD LOGY is the Oddmall Exotic Animal Show. Any Oddmall with this designation allows vendors who sell live animals, subject to certain guidelines and considerations.

Tattoos at Oddmall? Oh, yeah. Professional tattoo artists, body piercers, and similar peeps are welcome at most Oddmall shows. Safety and health guidelines apply.

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