Akron Pug Fest

Akron Pug Fest at a glance

  • WHAT: I hope you didn’t accidentally read that as BUG FEST, although a celebration of bugs would be sweet, too. Nope, this one is all about PUGS and assorted dogs and other pets. It’s brought to you by the wonderful people at Stray Dog and it’s cuddling its way into Akron and into all of our hearts (like a precious emotion, not a heartworm).
  • WHEN: October 15, 2023
  • WHEN WHEN: Sunday 11am-4pm
  • WHERE:  Cascade Plaza, Main St.  Akron, Ohio
  • HOW MUCH: Cheaper than free! Wait, that doesn’t make sense. It is free, though. 
  • HOW: Bring your dogs, bring your kids, bring your congenial demeanor and that cute thing you do when your hair gets in your eyes, but most of all bring yourself. Yeah, it’s outside in October but it’s still going to be incredible. I’m making puppy-dog-eyes at you but you can’t see me (it’s devastatingly adorable).
  • HUH: We are begging, rolling over, giving paw, and standing on our hind legs to all the good dogs who want information abut Vending and Food Trucks to follow this link for that very information.
  • WHY: Dogs are great, dude. Oddmall vendors are great, too. Stray Dog is the beans, man! Mix dogs, Oddmall, and Deliciousness into a vat and spill it all over the park and this is what you get. It’s going to be glorious.

Stuff to do at Akron Pug Fest

  • Pet Costume Contests
  • Dog & Owner Look-alike Contest
  • Peanut Butter Licking Competition
  • Parade of Pooches
  • Pet Supply Donation Bin
  • Pet Adoption with Ohio Pug Rescue
  • Oddmall vendors
  • Food Trucks
  • An absolutely immense amount of other fun stuff!

Maps of the Digs

Booth Prices

Pink (10’x10′): $80
Double Pink (10’x20′): $150
Food Truck (10’x30′) OUTSIDE: $

List of Vendors 2023

01: Hempworx / My Daily Choice
02: Gone Crazy for Crystals
03: Psycho Barbies
04: Justin Straub
05: Pitty Creations
06: Designs by Scamper*
07: Garden Party
08: Darkhaven-Dreams
09: Sweet Cedes Just Desserts
10: Geeks in the Castle
11. Fresche Catering
12. R3 Treasures
13: Cat Pals Creations
14: Mr. Rose’s Art Room
15: RBV Retro
16: Carole’s Creations and Meyer Custom Somethings
17: Carole’s Creations and Meyer Custom Somethings
18: Angel Harris
19: Rosie Rain Art
20. Creepy Peeps Creations
21. Adams Family Local Honey
22. W&T 3D Prints
23. Colored Threads
24. Vampy Vegan
25. Fairies & Tails
26. GoodDawgGoods
27. Riggi Rescue
28. It’s Christmas Every Day
29. It’s Christmas Every Day
30. ORCS Leather
31. Opal Creates
32. Paper Squirrel
33. LaJAshley
34. Tezra Williams
35. Bear Buddies
36. Designs by Bain
37. Sisters Touched By Craft
38. Kayak Carts and Other Creations
39. POD Reloaded
40. Available
41. Available
42. Stone Creek Boutique
43. Available
44. Available
45. Available
46. Available
47. Available
48. Available
49. Available
50. Freedom Taillight Project
51. Available
52. Available
53. Available
54. Available
55. Available
56. Available
57. Available
58. Available
59. Available
60. Available
61. Available
62. Available
63. Available
64. Available
65. Available
66. Available
67. Available
68. Available
69. Available
70. Available
71. Available
72. Available
73. Available
74. Available
75. Available
76. Available
77. Available
78. Available
79. Available
80. Available
81. Sweet Insanity
82. Sweet Insanity

100. Da Mixing Pot
101. Da Mixing Pot
102. da Mixing Pot

Food Trucks 2024
F01: Available
F02: A-Town Burgers & Brews
F03: Available
F04: Available
F05: Available
F06: Available
F07: Available
F08: Available

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