INKcentricity: Tattoos & Body Art

Tattoo artists, piercers, and other body artists are welcome and invited to most Oddmall shows. All such artists are required to be properly licensed in the state of Ohio and must follow all state and local laws and regulations. Tattoo artists are responsible for contacting the local health department to arrange for proper licensing and inspection at least 10 days before the show in question.


Contact: Erika Frickey (efickey@schd.org)

For shows in Summit County please download this Body Art Limited Event Application and email it to Erika.

If one shop is sending multiple artists and they will all be in the same location or booth they only need 1 application/fee with all artist info, setup drawing and requirements attached.


For shows in Stark County please contact Annmarie Butusov (abutusov@cantonhealth.org).