Oddmall: Intergalactic at a glance

  • WHAT:  Every Oddmall brings something fresh and different to the mix. This one’s a cosmically themed block party with tons of family friendly stuff outside and adult-oriented jazz on the inside. It’s kind of like a Reese’s Cup of chocolaty innocence and whimsical awesomeness wrapped around a decadent peanut butter filling of prurient naughtiness and winking innuendo.
  • WHEN: August 17, 2019
  • WHEN WHEN: Saturday 2pm-11pm (Indoor vendors and entertainment) Saturday 2pm-9pm (Outdoor vendors and entertainment.
  • WHERE: Jupiter Studios – 346 E Main Street Alliance, OH 44601
  • HOW MUCH: While entry is FREE your $5 donation is appreciated.
  • HOW: Maybe you can drive or catch a ride with a friend. Stamp yourself and go by mail. Perhaps ride a camel or an elephant. I’m not sure what the local ordinances are regarding pachadermal locomotion, so do your research first.
  • HUH: Vendor information can be found here.
  • WHY: Every Oddmall show is different. You don’t want to be the person who missed out and has to listen to everybody else talking about what a fantastic time they had. There will be dozens of artists and vendors, awesome entertainment, games and frivolity, delicious food, yummy beverages of an adult nature, yummy beverages not of an adult nature, TWO stages of entertainment, a DRAG SHOW, and, for the first time EVER – an adult themed Oddmall show (to clarify, all the outside activities and vendors will be family friendly – the stuff that’s actually inside Jupiter Studios will be a bit more risque).

Jazz Unique to Oddmall: Intergalactic

  • TWO STAGES OF ENTERTAINMENT! The outdoor stage will feature the family friendly performances you’ve come to love at Oddmall while the inside stage will show off some jazz of a more adult nature.
  • BOOZE! Oddmall: Intergalactic will indeed have adult beverages. Jupiter Studios features a real, honest-to-badness, bar and it’s also a restaurant.
  • ODDMALL: NOCTURNAL EDITION! Tee hee… Oddmall: Intergalactic goes late into the night and features, in addition to the outdoor family friendly stuff, a host of more adult themed vendors, performers, and activities. Representatives from OhioSMART, for example, will host a booth exhibiting and explaining various bits of BDSM gear and other such mischievous mechanisms.
  • DRAG SHOW!!!! Porce Lynn Knights – Miss Sandusky – and her merry band of drag queens and burlesque performers will be giving us the business inside Jupiter Studios from 8pm until 10pm. Don’t miss it!
  • ALIENS! Apparently Oddmall: Intergalactic is taking place during some sort of alien invasion or something. The will be an alien and outer space themed costume contest for humans and their pets!
  • GAMES! We’ll have a variety of outdoor games for guests to play. Perhaps giant inflatable bowling? Maybe some Alien Cornhole? Badminton? Who knows…
  • INDOOR AND OUTDOOR VENDORS! Oddmall: Intergalactic features TWO incredible vending and shopping opportunities. The first is outside and encompasses East Main Street between Arch Avenue and Linden Avenue. These booths are 10’x10′ and require vendors to bring their own tables and canopies (if such things are desired). The second vendor section is inside Jupiter Studios. This is the adult-oriented section of the show. The booths are roughly 6′ wide (although they vary depending on location within the building) and tables can be provided. Outdoor booths are selected by number when a vendor applies for the show. Indoor booths are chosen onsite in the order in which vendors arrive.

Oddmall: Intergalactic
Entertainment Schedule

The following performers are scheduled to entertain us at Oddmall: Intergalactic:

Stage One (Inside)

2:00-2:30 – Zero Pressure
3:00-4:00 – Seldom Fade
4:00-4:20 – Nerdlesque
4:30-5:00 – Alpha Riff
5:00-7:30 – Hip Hop Showcase Featuring Doc Holidae, AUS, Birdkatt, Ike, Timmy the Boy
8:00-9:00 – Mellow Villains
9:30-9:45 – Moonstone Erotic Poetry
10:00-12:00 – Oddmall Drag Show featuring Porce Lynn Knights.

Stage Two (Outside)

2:00-2:30 – Line Dancing Kathi
2:45-3:30 – Brad Etto and Sadie
4:00-5:00 – International Bittering Unit
5:30-6:00 – Between the Lights
6:15-7:00 – Patrick Gill
7:30-9pm – Prodigy Son
9:15-9:45 – Oddmall Cosplay Contest

Additional Acts Performing on the Streets

Live Art by Several Artists
Belly Dancers
Fire Spinners
Light Saber Battles and Demonstration

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Artist & Vendor List

Here is a list of current Oddmall: Intergalactic artists and vendors:

Outdoor Vendors (Family Friendly)
01. Faryl & S.T. Hoover
02. Lila Rose/Black Pineapple Creations
03. Black Pineapple Creations
04. Dan R. Arman and Rose Withering, Authors
05. Color Street
06. Dtritus Arts
11. VictoriArt Boutique
13. Thousand Earring Island
14. Scorch Garden/Zombie Flesh Couture
16. Soap Alchemy
17. Pandora’s Creations
18. The Oddmall Souvenirium
19. Silverfox Massage & Crafts
20. Rhiannon Massaro: Artist
23. Smithfits Bazaare Emporium
24. Crafty Shop of Horrors
32. Got Your 6 Massage and Wellness
40. This and That
42. Myth and Stitch Embroidery
43. B & B Creative Designs
44. Lularoe: Cinderella’s Lost Slipper
46. Heaven Can Wait
Food Truck: Pap’s Kettle Korn & Lemonade
Indoor Vendors (can be adult themed)
01. Glitter Girl Vinyl
02. The Chaotic Kitten
03. Can-Tastic Creations
04. An Unusual Affair, LLC – Wedding Officiant
05. Grandiose Glitches
07. Design Wizard, Inc.
08. Tempting Sweets
09. Alternate Realms
10. ActFigPhotog
11. Faye’s Forest
12. Earth Glass Fire
13. CC Candle Co