Food Trucks at Oddmall

Food trucks and Food Vendors at Oddmall?

Food. Trucks. Food trucks.

People like all three of those things, which is why the following Oddmall shows are extremely excited to offer a variety of food vending and food truck opportunities. Space is limited according to the size of the venue and the available real estate, so interested vittle vendors are encouraged to reserve their space as quickly as possible.

Oddmall: Expedition Elsewhere and Oddmall: Chrishanukwanzmadan have outdoor space for up to FIVE food trucks or stalls. Keep in mind these events take place during the winter months, so it might be cold outside. There is a large concrete overhang that extends over the entire area.

Oddmall: The Great Grassman Gathering has allocated space for up to EIGHT food trucks or stalls.

Con on the Cob has space reserved for up to eight food trucks. Please visit the Con on the Cob website for more information.

Additionally, food vendors who do not need to actually cook onsite and who do not require special vehicles may purchase regular vendor booths from which to peddle their delicious, delicious wares.

These Oddmall shows, due to venue restrictions, do not allow food trucks: Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird and Oddmall: Hallowondrous.

How do I sign up?

To reserve a food truck space or food stall at any Ohio Oddmall show please use the online registration form, which is located right here.

What inspections and special circumstances apply to food truck and food stall vendors at Oddmall?

All food truck and food stall vendors (with the exception of those exempted by the Farmers Market stipulation below) are required to pass an inspection and be licensed to operate within the county in which the event occurs. For more information please contact the Stark County Health Department and/or Summit County Public Health. Oddmall is not responsible for food vendors who do not pass inspection or fail to be properly licensed.

What if I’m just selling premade packaged food items or fresh fruit and vegetables?

Oddmall is registered with the state of Ohio as a Farmers Market. As such, vendors selling cottage foods and prepackaged items are not required to submit to further inspection or licensing by state or county inspectors.