Who wants Friday vendor setup?

Greetings Oddmall vendors and potential Oddmall vendors! It’s me, Andy. How would you guys like to have setup hours for the May 5-6 show on Friday and Saturday instead of just Saturday morning?

Friday setup, you say? That would be amazing! How can that be a thing?

Friday setup would indeed be amazing. The thing is, it’s no secret the Knight Center is an expensive venue. Like, on the scale of digs at which we hold Oddmall shows this one is the very top of the pyramid. It’s a great building and a beautiful place to put on a show, but cheap it is definitely not. Shelling out the bucks for Friday setup is a significant chunk of change. Nevertheless, I’m willing to fork over the loot if you guys can help me make a thing a reality…

We need to help you make a thing a reality? What thing?

The May Oddmall just about always sells out. Currently, as of this post, we are about 80% full with about a month until the show. This is normal and jibes with history. I want to bring that number up to 100% as soon as possible (for my own peace of mind and also because the sooner people sign up the more loot there is to spend on advertising, which brings in more shoppers and makes everyone happy). So, here’s my proposal: If we can get this show 95% sold out by Friday April 27 we will have setup Friday evening from the upper floor loading docks (with use of the cargo elevator). If we get to 100% by May 1 we will have setup from both the upper floor loading docks and the downstairs entrance! This will indeed cost me many pretty pennies, but I love you and I want to make this happen for you.

Sweet! How can we help?

If you haven’t yet nabbed your booth, nab it now! If you have a booth already and want another, take advantage of the 4th of July in December in March (and also a few days in April) Half Price Booth Promotion that is going on RIGHT NOW but could end without warning at any minute (since it was originally supposed to end in March).

If you know anyone who might want to be an Oddmall vendor now is a good time to light a metaphorical fire under their tushy. Spread the word! Shout it from the mountaintops and the rooftops and whatever other tops are in your vicinity. Tell everyone and tell everyone to tell everyone else.

Like this post. Tweet about it. Social Media-icize the bajeezus out of it. I will be extremely impressed if I come back and check this post a few days from now and there isn’t any bajeezus left in it. In fact, if this post gets 100 likes by April 27, I’ll even throw in an extra hour of setup time. That’s how we roll around here.

We have loads of Oddmall postcards to distribute across various bulletin boards and countertops around the area. If you would like us to send some to you for distribution in your area please email Krystal and let her know. Thanks!

Anything else to which we should pay attention?

Of course! Don’t miss out on Oddmall’s newest show – River City Pop Culture Fest (presented by Oddmall and Altered Realm Radio! Also, don’t forget to RSVP for the Use Your Noodle afterparty at Spaghetti Warehouse! It happens after Oddmall on Saturday and is always a great time to meet your fellow vendors, entertainers, and Oddmall staff.

Cool. We’re on it, friend!

I knew I could count on you guys. Oddmall vendors are the BEST VENDORS IN ALL THE WORLD!!!