The Very Last Half Price Oddmall Booth Sale Ever…

It’s that time again for the LAST time.

It’s what time again for the last time?

We are thrilled to announce the Fourth of July in December in January Half Price Booth Sale! The sale will run until February 1, 2019. This means your second artist or vendor booth for any currently listed Oddmall show can be nabbed for half price (Pay normal price for the first one get 50% off the second. It’s very simple).

How do I take advantage of this amazing offer?

Two take advantage of the savings simply use the online registration form to nab your booth (select the correct option from the dropdown list for each show). If you already have a booth just select the second booth from the relevant dropdown menu. If you want two booths select one booth from the first dropdown and the second booth from the second dropdown. Here’s a picture:

Awesome! What about yellow and green booths?

This special deal only applies to purple (6’x8′) and pink (10’x10′) booths.

I understand. Hey, why is this the FINAL half price booth sale?

After careful deliberation we realized too many vendors were waiting until the sales were announced before nabbing their booths and it was causing the shows to suffer in ways we hadn’t foreseen. Therefore, we decided to put an end to the arbitrary half price sales and instead focus on improving the shows and providing incentives for the vendors in other ways. Don’t worry, we’ll still be offering other special deals, contests, and promotions to make vendors smiley, but it just isn’t making sense for us to keep running the half price deal. Future specials will be based on vendor participation and loyalty.

I can still nab a second booth at half price right now, though, right?

As long as you are reading this before February 1, 2019 you can!