The ODDtomobile Spectacular at Oddmall: Rubber City Rumpus

THE ODDMALL ODDTOMOBILE SPECTACULAR! Oddmall is cool. Car shows are cool. Why not have a car show at Oddmall? People have some amazing vehicles they’d like to show off. We have a free show with a large crowd of curious people and plenty of space. It seems like one of those no-brainers everybody is always gabbing on about.

The Oddmall Oddtomobile Spectacular is open to ALL vehicles. If you have a cool, classic, vintage, pop cultural, sporty, geeky, or otherwise snazzy vehicle you want to share with the world BRING IT TO THE SHOW! We don’t care if it’s a car, a van, a motorcycle, a hearse, a batmobile, a helicopter, a hovercraft, another hearse, or an old mail truck you painted to look like there’s this bad ass warrior chick in a chainmail bikini making out with a dragon in front of a volcano while a horde of barbarians and an army of orcs fight in the background. BRING IT TO THE SHOW!!!!

Although all interesting vehicles are invited to participate we are particularly looking for any sweet geeky or pop culture related snazz (ECTO-1, the Batmobile, Mystery Machine, etc…). No entry fee. Open to all.

It’s all part of Oddmall: Rubber City Rumpus! Visit the facebook event for reminders and news!

If you plan to bring a vehicle to the show please RSVP using the following form:

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