The Great Grassman Gathering Vendor Setup Information

This post is of interest to vendors at Oddmall: The Great Grassman Gathering. Other people are invited to read it, of course – encouraged to read it, in fact, but the information contained herein describes the manner in which vendor setup will be facilitated at the event. If that interests you, read on…

I will, in the interest of maintaining my trademark concisity, continue in the form of a bulleted list:

  • Vendors may begin setup at 8am.
  • The show runs from 11am until 7pm.
  • Please check in with the show runners near the intersection of Kenmore Blvd and 15th Street SW (by the Rialto Theater). We will let you know where the booths are so you may choose yours.
  • I look like Danny DeVito’s discount stunt double.
  • Booths will be allocated on a first come basis. You choose your booth onsite.
  • There is ample parking all around Kenmore. You may use any of the public lots.
  • If you are using a tent, please make sure it is properly weighted to secured.
  • Many of the local shops and restaurants have bathrooms we can use.
  • The denizens of Kenmore are timid forest creatures. Please treat them with respect and dignity.

If you have any further questions please reach out to Andy at andy@andyhopp .com.