The Cavalcade of Costumed Critters at Oddmall: Riverside Ramble

Did you say “Cavalcade of Costumed Critters”?

Well, I wrote it. I didn’t actually say it. Not out loud, anyway. Typed it, I suppose.

You know what I mean, jerk. What the heck is a Cavalcade of Costumed Critters?

It’s Oddmall’s pet costume contest. Not a costume contest that is Oddmall’s pet, mind you, but a contest at Oddmall: Riverside Ramble in which the pets of the people who attend Oddmall wear costumes and compete for prizes and the people’s ovation (and fame forever).

Who can enter?

Any pet can enter. Dogs, cats, snakes, snails, capybara’s, Solomon Island prehensile tailed skinks, guinea pigs, whatever… As long as nothing cruel is being done to the animal and it is legal to own in Ohio it is welcome at the Cavalcade of Costumed Critters.

What if I have an awesome animal I want to show off but I don’t want to put it in a costume?

That’s cool too. It’s all good. We’d love to see your little beast. That sounded better in my head.

Is it free?

Yes, of course it’s free – not unlike just about everything else at Oddmall (except buying stuff; buying stuff is, by definition, not free). Of course, we always appreciate donations…

Where and when does it happen?

The Cavalcade of Costumed Critters will happen each day on the main stage at Oddmall: Riverside Ramble. That’s at Monument Park in Canton, Ohio (700-1150 Stadium Park Dr NW, Canton, OH 44708, United States). The main stage is near the picnic pavilion by the soccer field not far from the food trucks around the corner from that one big tree and across from that one guy who is always sitting on the brown bench playing with a yo yo and talking to fire hydrants.

How do we enter?

You can sign up onsite before 2pm on the day of the event at the Cosplay HQ.