Oddmall TV Ads – An awesome and inexpensive way to promote your booth or business! Deadline Wednesday!

Are you looking for an amazing and inexpensive way to promote your booth or business at Oddmall?

I’m going to pretend you said “yes”. See, at the Cultural Center for the Arts in Canton, which is the sweet, sweet venue where Oddmall: Chrishanukwanzmadan and Oddmall: Expedition Elsewhere take place, they have a whole bunch of flat screen tv monitors set up throughout the digs. We use these to display a continuously looping slide show of ads and informative images.

You can get in on the action for a mere $20! For that small fee your image will be part of the loop, cycling throughout the day on both Saturday and Sunday for all to see.

The deadline for Chrishanukwanzmadan ads is Thursday December 6 at 9am. You can also nab ads for Expedition Elsewhere. Use the form below for both.

If the Attachment section of the form gives you trouble please email your images (1024×768, jpeg) to andy@andyhopp.com.

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