Oddmall: The Great Grassman Gathering Vendor Setup Information.

Hello my friends! Greetings from the secret cave wherein dwells the enigmatic Great Grassman himself. It’s me, Andy, and I’m here to plop you the lowdown on vendor setup for the Great Grassman Gathering. Here we go, in the form of a bulleted list:

  • I will be there by 3:00pm on Friday. Look for me along the sidewalk near the intersection of 12th Street and Kenmore Blvd. I look like Danny DeVito’s non-union stunt double. Please check in with me when you arrive and I’ll direct you to the available booth spaces.
  • Setup is from 3:30pm until 6:00pm. The show runs from 6-9. This is much shorter than most Oddmall shows but it’s going to be awesome anyway. There are three stages for entertainment and I hear The Grassman himself will be there giving out goodies to anyone who wears a costume or otherwise increases the Oddsomeness of the event!
  • You should be able to pull your vehicle right up to your booth space, unload, and then park in any of the nearby lots, of which there is an abundance.
  • You may use a tent or canopy if you want to but you do not have to. If you do, please make sure it is properly weighted or secured. It’s the law!
  • I will have signup forms for future Oddmall shows on hand. Vendors who sign up at the show will be offered a special discount. How cool is that? Very cool is the answer. Very cool indeed…

I think that’s just about the gist of it. If you have any questions throw them at me. I’m here to help.