Hello friends,

Hi, it’s me, your friend Andy from Oddmall, Con on the Cob, Mutha Oith Creations, Oddmall Outpost, and that one dream you had where I was wearing a vest and rolling a big donut down a hill. You don’t need me to tell you how strange, scary, and unpredictable the world has become lately (including an unprecedented upswing in the usage of the word “unprecedented”). I’m no expert on infectious disease, nor am I a professional superhero (amateur, at best) or emergency response technician. What I am, however, is the guy who can update you on how the various events I help to host and the businesses I run are being affected by current events and what we are doing in response. Let’s discuss each entity in turn. Without any further ado, let’s continue with my trademark brevity:


Of the six Ohio Oddmall shows currently on the roster we are currently only rescheduling one of them. In accordance with guidelines and suggestions laid down by the CDC and the state of Ohio prohibiting gatherings of more than 50 people for the next eight weeks, ODDMALL: EMPORIUM OF THE WEIRD has been rescheduled from May 2-3, 2020 to May 1-2, 2021. The following adjustments are being enacted:

All vendors who are currently signed up will have their booth space transferred to the new date automatically. Vendors who would prefer to switch their booth from Emporium of the Weird to any other Oddmall Ohio show may do so on a booth for booth basis as quantities allow. Please contact Greg (Greg @ muthaoithcreations.com) to discuss changes.

In an effort to ease the financial burdens the situation has inflicted upon many of us, we will be offering $20-$210 off of standard (6×8 and 10×10) booths and double booths for all currently listed Ohio Oddmall shows through the month of March. The special, second booth for half price deal currently happening will continue, with booths listed at half the original price (so you can get one booth at $20-$100 off and a second for the same show at half off the original price, if you so choose. Don’t worry, it’s much less complicated than it seems, the form has everything already adjusted). Please visit https://www.oddmall.info/vendor-registration/ for more details.

Expedition Elsewhere, Emporium of the Weird, Chrishanukwanzmadan (Both Days)

3’x8′ = $856×8 = $170 NOW $120
6×12 = 250 NOW $210
6×16 = $300 NOW $250
10’x10′ = $340 NOW $290
Food Truck (where available) = $180 NOW $140

Hallowondrous (Friday and Saturday)

3’x8′ = $756×8 = $150 NOW $130

The Great Grassman Gathering

10’x10′ (outside) = $120 NOW $80
10×20′ (outside) = $200 NOW $140
6×8 (inside) = $100 NOW $80
Food Truck or Stall = $180 NOW $140

Riverside Ramble (Both Days)

10’x10′ (outside) = $120 NOW $80
10×20′ = $200 NOW $140
Food Truck or Stall = $180 NOW $140

We have some really amazing and special things planned for all of our Oddmall shows this year, including bounce houses and carnival games at Riverside Ramble, A reptile and exotic pet show at The Great Grassman Gathering, and so much more. Stick with us and we’ll make great things happen together. If we end up having to reschedule any other shows we will keep you in the loop and make sure any booths you nab get transferred to the rescheduled date or a future show. We’ve got your back and we take your trust in us seriously.

CON on the COB

Con on the Cob isn’t until October and I’m fairly certain this will all be over long before then. We have no plans to change anything about Con on the Cob 2020 other than a renewed resolve to make sure it is the most fun thing in the history of fun (and things)! However, many other fantastic conventions have had to cancel their events and this just makes me heartbroken. I know from firsthand experience how much love and energy goes into making a con happen and to have that taken away at the last minute by an invisible monster is a terrible, terrible thing. Yes, we had to reschedule May’s Oddmall show, but that’s not quite the same thing. Our friends at Cleveland ConCoction, Roundtable Con, Gary Con, and too many more to mention have had to cancel their awesome events. What’s more, all of the people who were looking forward to attending these cons are now missing out.

I know it does little to appease the urgent needs of the populace, but please accept this humble discount code to use toward your badge at Con on the Cob. I hope it at least helps some people who were planning to attend a cancelled con get a little but of fun (A LOT OF FUN, actually) this October. Are you ready for it? Good. Use the code CoronaVirusSucks to receive 25% off your Con on the Cob Four Day Badge or Super Ultra Mega Deal at https://tabletop.events/conventions/con-on-the-cob-2020. It’s good through March 31.


Oddmall Outpost’s physical location will be closed for at least the next two weeks. Our online store remains open and we are eager to sell you stuff (www.oddmalloutpost.com)! Oddmall Outpost features over 6000 items crafted by some of the area’s most talented artists and artisans. Check it out!

While the store is closed we will be hard at work on some cool improvements, including updating some of the online listings that lack photos, spiffing up the place, feeding the pets, and working on some upcoming projects. Don’t worry about us. We’ll keep busy.


I plan to spend most of the next couple of weeks finishing up After the Wipe: A Low life Coloring Book so we can get that sent out to the Kickstarter backers and get working on the next project.

If you’re looking for something to read or play, I’ve set all of the Low Life books to have free shipping if you order them from Oddmall Outpost. Here’s a link: https://www.oddmalloutpost.com/product/low-life-the-rise-of-the-lowly-redredged/

Please take care of yourselves and each other.

I love you all,