Oddmall: Chrishanukwanzmadan is SOLD OUT! ZERO VENDOR BOOTHS REMAIN. But there is good news for those you who procrastinated…

It is with bittersweet jazz I inform you Oddmall: Chrishanukwanzmadan, which will be happening at Canton’s beautiful Cultural Center for the Arts December 8-9, 2018, is now completely sold out of vendor booths. This show is going to be fantastic and I’m certain those vendors who didn’t reserve booths in time are now wallowing in various pits of despair and angsts of melancholy and whatnot.

There’s good news, though! Booths are now available for Oddmall: Expedition Elsewhere and Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird. Nab one before those, too, are gone (it always seems to sneak up on you. One day there are fifty left and the next day they are all gone).

Don’t be like that smelf over there getting a wedgie. Be like the horc giving him a wedgie. The horc planned ahead and nabbed his booth early. The smelf didn’t get a booth at all and now he’s going to be fed to a paindeer. Them’s the breaks.

Find more information (and nab a few booths) at www.oddmall.info.