Oddmall: Chrishanukwanzmadan 2023 is coming to Richfield, Ohio!

It is with great joy and jolliness that I bring you festive tidings regarding Oddmall: Chrishanukwanzmadan 2023. Not only will Chrishanukwanzmadan be moving to the fantastic Venue South at Quality Inn & Suites in Richfield, Ohio (the same location that has hosted Con on the Cob since 2015), it will be our biggest and most adventure-filled Chrishanukwanzmadan ever, overflowing with a veritable Santa’s toy sack of awesome experiences and brilliant artists and vendors!

To celebrate the news, and the fact that the event takes place at a hotel, we are offering vendors a chance to win TWO FREE nights at said hotel. To enter, vendors simply reserve their vendor space by February 1, 2023 and are automatically entered into a random drawing, the winner of which will nab the cherished room nights…

Yellow booths are worth one contest entry. Purple and Green booths are worth two. Pink booths are worth three. It’s that easy. Even easier than pie, if we’re being honest with each other. A good pie is actually pretty complex. You have to have the butter chilled properly so the crust gets decently flaky. The fruit has to be sliced just right. How much sugar to use? Crumb topping, full on crust, an interlaced lattice of pie shell strips… Preheat the oven.

I digress (it’s kind of my thing), but all Chrishanukwanzmadan booths nabbed by February 1, 2023 qualify for the drawing. If we get a lot of entries I’ll probably draw more than one winner. The winner(s) will be announced the first week of February. Good luck!