Oddmall 2021 Show Listing Coming Soon!

Man, did the pandemic really poop on our parade…

There’s good news on the horizon. Despite the setbacks of the past year, and the unfortunate but necessary postponement of the May 2021 show, we will have a full slate of 2021 Oddmall shows posted very soon. We’re hammering out the details and securing the venues but the plan is to have several outdoor shows in Canton, Akron, Beach City, and Kenmore beginning in June or July. Con on the Cob is October 14-17 and we are looking into hosting either Oddmall: Hallowondrous and/or Oddmall: Chrishanukwanzmadan later this year in an indoor venue.

The registration form is currently online. Vendors may sign up for booths at a discounted rate to earn credits that can be used for booths at any upcoming 2021 Oddmall show once the shows are listed. The prices will likely increase at that time, so secure your space now! Anyone who has already paid for booths for shows that were canceled will automatically have credits equal to the number of booths they purchased.

We will post the dates and locations for upcoming shows as soon as we have them secured. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding over the past year.

Andy and the Oddmall Oddballs