It’s that time again for the next time! The Oddmall HALF PRICE BOOTH SALE IS HAPPENING NOW THROUGH SEPTEMBER!!!!!

Hello friends,

Because I love you and also because you asked politely, I am increasingly excited to announce, once again, the Oddmall HANUKAH IN FEBRUARY IN SEPTEMBER HALF PRICE BOOTH SALE!!!!!

Nab one booth at any Oddmall show and get a second at the same show for HALF PRICE! It’s that simple. Just select the appropriate options when choosing your booth type on the REGISTRATION FORM. If you already have a booth and would like a second at half price just select that option in the dropdown menu. It’s so absurdly simple only a complete buffoon could possibly flub it up (just kidding; if it gives you trouble or you can’t figure it out please email Andy and I’ll help you through it).

It’s happening now through the month of September and applies to purple, pink, and outdoor booths at any Ohio Oddmall show except Chrishanukwanzmadan (because it’s already almost sold out).