Hallowondrous Vendor Setup Information

Hello friends!

Andy here with some information for vendors participating (or considering participating) in Oddmall: Hallowondrous next weekend in Lakewood. I’ll start with some bullet points so you can better enjoy my trademark concision. Yep, no circumlocution or periphrastic around-the-bush-beatings here. Straight to the point. That’s me. Cabbage begin. I mean lettuce begin…

  • There are currently six booths available for Oddmall: Hallwondrous. I do not expect they will last the weekend. If you want one, please visit www.oddmall.info, click on the VENDOR REGISTRATION link, and use the online form posthaste.

  • Booths are also available for several upcoming Oddmall shows. You’ll see them on the website. Vendors will also be able to sign up for future Oddmall shows onsite at Hallowondrous.

  • In celebration of the Halloween season, vendors and attendees are encouraged to wear costumes to Oddmall: Hallowondrous. Me and the boys will be doing so… 

  • There will be trick or treating ongoing throughout the event, so if you want to participate in that please bring candy or something for the little goblins to nab.

  • Vendor Setup is from 4-8pm on Friday and from 7-10am on Saturday. There are two entrances to the building. Peeps on the upper floor can enter through the main doors in the front of the building and peeps on the bottom floor may enter through the rear door. There is also an elevator accessible inside the rear door.

  • Unfortunately, due to the nature of the venue, Oddmall: Hallowondrous can not provide tables for the vendors. If you have two booths next to each other we have 10′ long tables you can use for both booths, but a normal 6×8 booth isn’t wide enough to accomodate the 10′ tables the venue owns. I have a small number of tables I can loan out, but not very many. Chairs will be provided.

  • Several booths are listed on the vendor list with an asterisk. This means our records indicate we have not received your full payment. If you are one of these people please check your records and either inform us of our error or pay your bill (you can send it by PayPal to andy@andyhopp.com). If your situation is not resolved by the time the booths sell out you could lose your booth to a new vendor. The vendor list can be found at http://www.oddmall.info/hallowondrous/.

  • Saturday evening after Hallowondrous, there is an after party at The Side Quest (Lakewood Ohio’s Geek Bar with Board Games, Video Games, Geeky Events, Craft Beer, Cockatils and Eats). The party is only for guests 21 and over. Vendors will receive an invitation when they arrive for setup. Show your invitation to receive 20% off food and drinks. The address is 17900 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107.

  • We are currently experiencing a bit of employee turnover and resultant disarray as we train new people. Please be patient with us. If you experience any issues, such as not being able to find yourself on the map, a payment you made not being recorded, etc… please let us know and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Krystal, who has been with us for six years and done an amazing job organizing things and just generally being fantastic, has decided to pursue her own endeavors. We are very proud of her and wish her luck, success, and happiness in everything she does. Krystal will still be attending shows as a vendor, so don’t worry, you’ll still get to see her around.

  • As described on the website, this year at Hallowondrous the entertainment stage is in the same room as the vendors (upstairs). We will attempt to keep things relatively quiet so vendors on that floor can still conduct business. We’ve hired mostly acoustic acts and I think it will be wonderful.

Here is the current entertainment list (subject to change):

12pm- Alpha Riff
1pm- O’Brian
2pm- Sean Benjamin
3pm- Cosplay Contest
4pm- Juice Lee
5pm- Electric Violin Wunder Justin Curry

12pm-Alpha Riff
1pm- Shuvani Dance Studio
2pm- O’Brian & Electric Violin Wunder Justin Curry
(Half Hour time slot each)
3pm- Cosplay Contest
4pm- Sean Benjamin

  • There will be a costume contest each day at 3:00pm. Everyone is invited to participate. If you want to do so all you need to do is show up near the stage around 2:45 and we’ll take it from there. Unlike our usual costume contests, this one will be very casual. Winners will be selected by audience applause and prizes will be awarded in several categories depending on how many people enter.

  • Please tell everyone you know about Oddmall: Hallowondrous! Shout it from the rooftops, email your peeps, post on Facebook, Insta some Grams, Tweet some Tweets, share the following image far and wide. The more people who know about it the more people can join in the fun and the more shoppers there will be to purchase your awesome wares.

  • We have done quite a bit of advertising on Facebook, including paid ads that will run through the 20th. We have informed a ton of community event listing sites, newspapers, and other outlets and sprinkled flyers throughout Lakewood and surrounding hoods. If you can think of anywhere to post about Oddmall please do so. We try to hit all the event listing sites but we can’t always find them all. The only thing we ask that you refrain from doing is creating your own Oddmall event page on Facebook. We have an official one and extra ones just confuse people and dilute the number of people who get our official announcements and posts. Please invite as many people as you can to the official event page (https://www.facebook.com/events/2617829598443792/?event_time_id=2617829605110458) and to the official Oddmall Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/oddmall/).

  • If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, love letters, hate mail, noods, or other correspondence please do not hesitate to email me at andy@andyhopp.com. I will be out of the office until Monday, so please be patient if I can’t address your issue right away. If something is urgent please text me at (330) two eight five 1530. I wrote it that way so bots don’t nab my number.

  • After the line I’m about to draw will be some tips for new vendors. I know for many of you this is your first show and I’m very excited to meet you. Veterans already have their thang thanging. If that applies to you please share your wisdom with any vicinitous noobs.



Engage your customers. Many people buy things not simply because they think the thing is cool. They want a story to go with it. Tell them how it’s made. Encourage them to try it on. You are selling an experience along with an item. Sell yourself as well as your creations.

Do not play on your phone, read a book, or do anything else that lets potential customers know you are not interested in talking with them. If there’s a lull talk with your neighbors, shop, straighten out your display, or do something else productive, fun, or engaging. If a customer walks by and you are sitting in your chair with face down they are much more likely to continue walking by.

Bring a Square reader or other credit card reading device. You can get them online for free at squareup.com or nab them at Target and other such stores.

Decorate your booth however you want. Try to create something interesting and engaging but not so cluttered that it draws attention away from your wares.

Wear a costume if you are so inclined. This is Oddmall: Hallowondrous, not Grandpapa Uncle Grandma’s Old Scholl Quilting Jamboree. Actually, that sounds pretty cool…

This is our first show in Lakewood. Sometimes, despite all the advertising and word of mouth, a show is slow, especially a new show nobody knows is there yet. We could have 10,000 visitors or we could have 200. There’s no way to know until it happens. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. If, for some reason, we don’t get a decent attendance I am prepared to offer Hallowondrous vendors a discount on future Oddmall shows.

Regarding pricing: give yourself a fair wage for the time you put into your work and consider the cost of materials, experience, education, etc… You are a talented, creative, and enterprising person or you wouldn’t be here in the first place. Don’t make your stuff so expensive that people can’t afford it, but don’t undersell yourself either. 


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or concerns.

I love you all,