The 4th of July in December in March HALF PRICE BOOTH SALE!!!!

Wow, do we have a fantastic bargain for you! Starting right now and ending at an arbitrary, unannounced time sometime this month, you can nab a booth at any Oddmall show (except Chrishanukwanzmadan or Expedition Elsewhere) and get a second booth at that same show for HALF PRICE! 

It’s extraordinarily easy to do. Simply select the “Extra Booth for Half Price” options for each show on the registration form. For example, if you want two 10’x10′ booths for Emporium of the Weird, select one of them in the normal Emporium of the Weird dropdown menu and another in the “Extra Booth for Half Price” dropdown below that.

The second booth must be for the same show. For example, it is uncool to select a Half Price Extra Booth for Hallowondrous if you don’t already have a booth for Hallowondrous (unless you nab a regular priced one at the same time). You may nab one half priced booth for each regular priced booth in your possession.

It doesn’t matter if you nabbed your original booth a while ago or if you nab it along with the half priced one. As long as you legitimately have a booth at a particular show you are invited to get a second of the same size at the same show for half price.

This deal only applies to purple (6’x8′) or pink (10’x10′) booths and does not apply to Oddmall: Chrishanukwanzmadan or Expedition Elsewhere.