Half Price Booths and Emporium of the Weird Setup Information

Greetings Oddmall Vendors (and Potential Vendors),

Andy here. I’m about to plop down some important gab about all sorts of Oddmall vendor related things. Here’s a bullet list of salient points in case you lack the inclination to read the whole thing:

I know I said I wasn’t going to do this again but we have several booths available and rather than let them sit empty we’ll implement, for a very limited time, a SECOND BOOTH FOR HALF PRICE SALE! If you already have a booth you can grab a second at half price by using the online form at https://www.oddmall.info/vendor-registration/. You can also get two booths for the price of one and a half!

  • Vendor Setup: Friday 6pm-9pm, Saturday 7am-10am
  • Where is my booth? Am I signed up for this show? You can find a complete vendor list on the website by clicking here.(If you have a * by your booth name, we have NOT received your payment and your booth will be forfeited if we don’t receive it by the end of the day on Monday April 29!)
  • How should vendors unload? Please line up in the lot behind the Knight Center just off Broadway Street. We will be entering through the top loading dock. Porters will help you unload. They will ask you to park your car while they are delivering your goods to your booth. If the show sells out by the end of the day on April 29 (tell your friends) we will also be loading and unloading downstairs.
  • Will carts be on hand? There will be porters on hand to help you unload and to take your jazz to your booth on Saturday BUT NOT ON FRIDAY. Please feel free to bring your own dollies, if you have them, but no four wheeled carts are allowed.
  • Is it cool if I leave early? No, it is not cool.
  • What live entertainment will there be? So much great stuff. Read on to learn more.
  • Will there be food? Yes! The Knight Center will run two concession stands, one upstairs near the rotunda and one downstairs in the rotunda. They are absurdly strict about anybody bringing in outside food, so beware.
  • Wi-fi: Yes, there is free wi-fi at the venue.
  • How can we sign up for the next Oddmall? You can sign up for all Ohio Oddmall shows at www.oddmall.info or in person at the show.
  • Are there any booths left? There are currently a few spaces available for this show. You can nab one at www.oddmall.info If you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible.
  • What advertising has been done? Newspaper ads and articles. Lots of facebook ads. Flyers. Various othernesses. 
  • What about ads in the onsite guide? All ads must be sent to me at andy@andyhopp.com before the end of the day on Monday April 29. You can nab ads using the vendor registration form at https://www.oddmall.info/vendor-registration/.
  • Swag Bags? If you have items to place in the swag bags please turn them in to Robin at the Oddmall Souvenirium (at the bottom of the escelator) by 8am on Saturday.
  • How can we help spread the word? Tell everyone! Also, see below.
  • Is there a Talent Show this year? Yes indeed! Anyone can enter. Simply show up at the stage before 4pm on Saturday and strut your stuff!
  • Booth Design: You can basically set up your booth however you want as long as it isn’t obstructive to your neighbors and you remain within your territory. There are tips below.
  • Do you have any tips for new vendors? Yes indeed, but they are too detailed to include in this bullet list. Please read them below.

Vendor Setup Information

Here’s the meat of the matter. Oddmall: Expedition Elsewhere will feature a special treat for all you wonderful artists and vendors out there. I’m talking about FRIDAY SETUP!!!! Yes indeed, by popular demand and because we love you, vendor setup will begin at 6pm on Friday. We’ll have three hours on Friday (6pm until 9pm) for vendors to move in and work on their awesome booth displays. We’ll also have three hours on Saturday (7am-10am) for the same.

Setup Times

Friday May 3: 6:00pm-9:00pm
Saturday May 4: 7:00am-10:00am (The show starts at 10:00, so please be ready to go by then).
Sunday May 5: 9am-10am

Oddmall ends at 5:00pm on Sunday May 5. PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE DOWN EARLY. Closing your booth early is very unprofessional and makes everyone look bad. It disrespects the show, exhibits contempt for your fellow vendors, and brings shame and disgrace onto your family name for generations to come. It is normal for things to die down considerably during the last hour or so of any show (the first couple of hours on Sunday are also historically slow due to things like church and brunch and hangovers). If that happens, please use the time to make some new friends or maybe do some shopping yourself. If you have an emergency and must leave early please let a staff member know and we will assist you.

Loading and Unloading

When you arrive, please line up in the lot behind the Knight center on Broadway Street. Porters will be on hand to guide you and help you move your stuff. Once you unload your car a porter will take your goods to your booth while you park your vehicle. There is plenty of free parking all around downtown on weekends. The parking garage across the street is probably the best option.

Live Entertainment?

We have a full roster of fantastic entertainment planned. All these shows take place on the Oddmall Stage, which is located in the rotunda just inside the main doors. There are still a few changes being made, but currently the schedule looks like this:

Entertainment Schedule

May 4

11am- Justin Curry
12pm- Pozzezzed One
1pm- Miss Dreadful
2pm-Juice Lee
3pm- Costume Contest
4pm- Kim Kennedy
5pm- Alpha Riff

May 5

11am- #EPCooker Showcase!
12pm- Justin Curry
1pm- Shuvani Dance Co.
2pm- Carmen Kelly
3pm- Costume Contest
4pm Oddmall May or May Not Have Talent



11-OddTrivia-Kylan et al

12-Keto For Busy People-Kylan and Dawn


2-MotherFlerkin Captain Marvel Fan Panel-Dawn

3-Cosplay Contest

4-Filmmaking with Tony and Victoria Vardon

5-Storyboarding 101-Tony


11-Box O Chocolates with Kylan- AMA

12-Marvel-Past, Present, and Future-Kylan and Dawn


2-Gaming Panel with the staff of The Malted Meeple

3-Cosplay Contest

4-Gender Roles in Gaming-Brent Lazar

What about Wi-Fi? I can’t live without my Wi-Fi. Will there by Wi-Fi? Tell me there will be Wi-Fi!!!! There will be Wi-Fi, right?

Yes. There will be free Wi-Fi.

We will announce the password and network name at the show.

How can we sign up for the next Oddmall?

You can sign up right now for several upcoming Oddmall shows at www.oddmall.info.

We will also be offering signups for those shows at Emporium of the Weird. Greg, Krystal, and Amy will collect the appropriate forms to your booth on Sunday (or you can bring them to the Oddmall Souvenirium any time during the show). *Please fill out your forms COMPLETELY and HAVE PAYMENT READY before turning them in. *Please write down at least 3 preferred space choices. Due to the increased number of vendors we are unable to tell you your assigned booth number until we go through all of the forms after the show. We are also unable to tell you what other vendors have chosen. However, you do have dibs on your current space, and we do go in the order forms are turned in. (Hint: turn them in early!)

How can I help spout the gab?

Keep on doing what you’re doing. Tell everybody you know. Post on the facetweets and the instabooks and all those other fun places. Feel free to nab art from the website for that purpose. #oddmallohio

What can we do with our booths?

As long as your jazz remains within the confines of your prescribed area you can do just about anything. There are limits, of course. Any nekkid boobies and such should be covered by a cloth or something so casual walkersby of a delicate persuasion are not offended. Remember, this is Oddmall, not Granny’s Old-Fashioned Country Quilt Jamboree. We want you to have fun and make an impression. Decorate your booth (and yourself)! Have a blast and make your booth stand out.

All booths include two chairs. Some of you elected to rent tables from the Knight Center while others are bringing their own tables. You are welcome to bring whatever else you want as long as it isn’t illegal and it fits in your booth. You can arrange your tables and chairs however you want (or get rid of them entirely). I’ll have more tips on that in the next chunk. For now, though, please enjoy these pictures of some snazzy booth designs from previous Oddmall shows:

How about some tips for new vendors?

Sure thing. Many of you are experienced craft show and comic con vendors but to a significant number of you Oddmall is your very first show. We want it to be a successful one. Here are some bits of tid I’ve picked up throughout the years that may help you. These nuggets may not work for everyone, so adherence is not required. They are simply things I’ve noticed and advices I give freely unto you. To spice things up, pretend you found them inside a fortune cookie.

She who sits around looking surly or bored and doesn’t engage her customers is doomed before she even begins.

He who uses a Square Reader to take credit card payments is wise beyond that guy who doesn’t.

She who fails to prepare prepares to fail.

It is a wise man who brings items with an assortment of price points.

A righteous neighbor is kind and helpful to those on either side of herself. Potty break-spotters are more easily garnered from friends than from enemies.

A well organized and attractive booth is a key to prosperity.

She who looks both ways before crossing the street probably won’t get hit by a duck.

Wise is the vendor who remembers to bring cash with which to make change.

An auspicious artist respects the venue and those around her.

A sagacious vendor realizes things take time to accomplish and shows up early enough to get everything done before the show begins.

Seriously, engage your customers. You’re not just selling your art or your spatulas or whatever, you are selling yourself. People like to have a story to tell about the art they buy. Talk with your peeps and make them feel welcome at your booth whether they buy anything or not.

Be memorable for the right reasons. If your name is Dick it’s ok to be one, but otherwise it is not.

You can sit down if you want to. Personally, I never sit down at shows. I usually arrange my jazz behind and around me, creating an environment that people can walk into. It feels more like a shop than a booth and allows me to interact with people much more easily than if I were sitting behind a table. I realize this stopped sounding like a fortune cookie a while ago but for some reason I’m still using italics.

Wear a costume if you want. Dye your hair a funky color. Stand out from the crowd (but not in an obnoxious way).

Your jazz is probably awesome, but it’s not for everyone. Remember that.

It takes time to develop a fan base. If you don’t sell a lot at your first show don’t give up. This is an introduction, not a third date.

What else?

I think that should about cover it, although I’m sure I’m missing something important. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. HAVE AN AWESOME ODDMALL!!!!!

See you Friday (or Saturday).

Much love,