Free* Swag Bag to First Fifty Peeps through the door on Saturday and Sunday…

FREE? Holy cow, that’s totally inexpensive. For real?

Well, they are free to the first 50 people who make a donation in one of our donation monsters (patent pending). The donation can be any amount, although we optimistically suggest five dollars as an appropriate amount. So, you have to make a donation, but you are welcome to be as generous or stingy with your donation as your conscience and treasure hoard inspire you to be.

What kind of stuff will be in the Swag Bags?

It’s hard to say. Everything is donated by our amazing Oddmall vendors. Sometimes it’s samples of products. Sometimes it’s coupons and discounts. There might be actual items, stickers, jewelry, buttons, candy, etc… Who knows? It’s a surprise.

Sometimes all the bags have the same stuff. Sometimes they don’t. Mysteries abound.

If I’m a vendor or local business manager who wants to donate goods for the swag bags how do I go about doing such a thing?

Awesome! Please email Krystal ( to let her know. You can either bring the goods by the Oddmall Outpost at your convenience or turn them in at the Oddmall Souvenerium (downstairs at the bottom of the escalator) Saturday morning by 9:00am.

There will be a total of 100 bags handed out, but you may donate as many items you want. If you don’t have 100 of something, that’s ok, the bags don’t all need to have the same stuff.