Expedition Elsewhere Vendor Setup Information

As I type this we are down to last few available booths for February 26th’s Oddmall: Expedition Elsewhere at Tadmor Shrine in Green, Ohio. If anybody is interested in a booth, please nab it as soon as possible.

Here, for the edification of the inquisitive is VENDOR SETUP INFORMATION for Oddmall: Expedition Elsewhere. I will begin, as is my custom, with a bulleted list of the highlights and follow it up with more detailed information below.

  • The address is Tadmor Shrine – 3000 Krebs Drive  Akron, Ohio 44319
  • Vendors may setup Friday February 25 from 5pm-10pm and Saturday February 26th from 7-10am.
  • There are three entrance doors we may use, although the most convenient will probably be the main front doors (if your booth is in the hallway or the front half of the vendor hall) or the rear doors (if your booth is in the back half of the vendor hall).
  • After you unload your vehicle please move it to the parking lot. On Saturday, vendors should park in the lot on the East side of the building so we can reserve the front lot for customers.
  • You may bring whatever carts and dollies you wish.
  • The entire event will be catered by our good friends at Stray Dog, so prepare your tummy for some yummy (summy yummy?).