Expedition Elsewhere vendor setup information

Greetings Oddmall Vendors (and Potential Vendors),

Andy here. I’m about to plop down some important gab about all sorts of Oddmall vendor related things. Here’s a bullet list of salient points in case you lack the inclination to read the whole thing:

  • Vendor Setup: Friday 2pm-9pm, Saturday 7am-10am
  • Where is my booth? Am I signed up for this show? You can find a complete vendor list on the website by clicking here.
  • How should vendors unload? Pull up in the alley behind the big concrete awning and unload there. We will have peeps onhand to assist you in finding your booth. Once you have unloaded  you can park in the lot behind the building.
  • Will carts be on hand? Yes. Because they are awesome, the Cultural Center for the Arts will provide six carts for our use. Please feel free to bring your own, too.
  • Is it cool if I leave early? No, it is not cool.
  • What live entertainment will there be? So much great stuff. Jim is still finalizing the list, but one thing of interest is Professor Carmichael’s Mad Botany Show!
  • What if there’s a blizzard? If we have to cancel the show because of bad weather we will reschedule for a later date or apply your booth fee toward a future show.
  • Will there be food? Yes! In fact, Stray Dog will be catering inside.
  • Wi-fi: Yes, there is free wi-fi at the venue.
  • How can we sign up for the next Oddmall? You can sign up for all Ohio Oddmall shows at www.oddmall.info or in person at the show.
  • Are there any booths left? There are currently a small number of spaces available for this show. Visit www.oddmall.info as soon as possible to reserve one! If you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible.
  • Valentines: Peeps will be giving Valentine cards to their favorite artists and vendors. Whoever gets the most wins a sweet prize package. Maybe make a box or something to put them in…
  • What advertising has been done? Newspaper ads and articles. Lots of facebook ads. Flyers. Various othernesses.
  • TV Ads? If you want to advertize on the in house TV sets please purchase your ads using the vendor registration form and get your artwork to Andy (andy@andyhopp.com) by the end of the day on Monday February 10.
  • How can we help spread the word? Tell everyone! Also, see below.
  • Booth Design: You can basically set up your booth however you want as long as it isn’t obstructive to your neighbors and you remain within your territory. There are tips below.
  • Do you have any tips for new vendors? Yes indeed, but they are too detailed to include in this bullet list. Please read them below.
  • What about tables? If you did not reserve a table when you made your booth reservation you can either bring your own or rent one for $10. If you need to rent one please let Andy know by emailing andy@andyhopp.com as soon as possible.

Vendor Setup Information

Here’s the meat of the matter. Oddmall: Expedition Elsewhere will feature a special treat for all you wonderful artists and vendors out there. I’m talking about FRIDAY SETUP!!!! Yes indeed, by popular demand and because we love you, vendor setup will begin at 2pm on Friday. We’ll have seven hours on Friday (2pm until 9pm) for vendors to move in and work on their awesome booth displays. We’ll also have three hours on Saturday (7am-10am) for the same. Oddmall staff will be onsite decorating and setting up our own jazz most of the day Friday, so if you are inclined to help us out in that regard you are welcome to show up any time after 11:00am (you can also set up your own stuff then if you want).

Setup Times

Friday February 14: 2:00pm-9:00pm (earlier if you want to help decorate).
Saturday February 15: 7:00am-10:00am (The show starts at 10:00, so please be ready to go by then).

Expedition Elsewhere ends at 5:00pm on Sunday February 16. PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE DOWN EARLY. Closing your booth early is very unprofessional and makes everyone look bad. It disrespects the show, exhibits contempt for your fellow vendors, and brings shame and disgrace onto your family name for generations to come. It is normal for things to die down considerably during the last hour or so of any show. If that happens, please use the time to make some new friends or maybe do some shopping yourself. If you have an emergency and must leave early please let a staff member know and we will assist you.

Loading and Unloading

When you arrive, please pull up under the huge concrete roof thingy (you can’t miss it). There are three entry doors and we will be using the ones on the North and West sides of the building for loading and unloading. Carts will be on hand for your use. Please attempt to unload your jazz in as orderly and efficient a manner as possible so the next person in line won’t have to wait too long. We will have volunteers to help you move your things and direct you to your booth.

Once you have unloaded your vehicle please park in the lot behind the art museum.