Evil hackers are evil.

Some of you may have noticed a bit of a change to the Oddmall website. You might also have noticed the site and our email were down for a couple of weeks. Yeah, evildoers messed up everything and we kind of had to start over. It’s a big, long story and not very interesting, but we are back up and running and will soon be better and stronger than ever before thanks to the divine intervention of Jordan Henderson of Soap Alchemy and Carl Kashnier (of Hosting-Toaster).

We’re on a new server now and all is well. Since we basically ahd to start the site over from scratch we are taking this opportunity to merge all of the Oddmall sites into one site, which is a long-overdue endeavor and should make things less complicated and more efficient in the future. Please bear with us (and bare with us if you’re so inclined) as we work out the wrinkles.


Andy and the Oddmall Team