Emporium of the Weird Entertainment and Panels Schedule

Entertainment Schedule

May 4

11am- Justin Curry
12pm- Pozzezzed One
1pm- Miss Dreadful
2pm-Juice Lee
3pm- Costume Contest
4pm- Kim Kennedy
5pm- Alpha Riff

May 5

11am- #EPCooker Showcase!
12pm- Justin Curry
1pm- Shuvani Dance Co.
2pm- Carmen Kelly
3pm- Costume Contest
4pm Oddmall May or May Not Have Talent



11-OddTrivia- Kylan et al

12- Keto For Busy People- Kylan and Dawn

1- ORBS – Explorating the Supernatural

2-MotherFlerkin Captain Marvel Fan Panel-Dawn

3-Cosplay Contest

4-Filmmaking with Tony and Victoria Vardon

5-Storyboarding 101-Tony


11-Box O Chocolates with Kylan- AMA

12-Marvel-Past, Present, and Future-Kylan and Dawn

1-ORBS – Explorating the Supernatural

2-Gaming Panel with the staff of The Malted Meeple

3-Cosplay Contest

4-Gender Roles in Gaming-Brent Lazar