You are in luck! Through March 2020 we are very excited to offer The Official ODDMALL Fourth of July in October in March HALF PRICE BOOTH SALE! Here’s how it works:

  • If you nab (or already nabbed) a booth for any Ohio Oddmall show (except Hallowondrous) you can nab a second (or third or fourth) at HALF PRICE.
  • Just select the appropriate option from the booth selection dropdown menu on the registration form.
  • Extra booths should be used by the vendor nabbing them. It’s kind of uncool and frowned upon to nab extra booths and then sell them to other vendors. It’s ok to share with a friend, though, if the booths are nabbed at the same time. You can’t be like “Oh, we can take advantage of the system by saying we already have a booth and then get another one for a friend of ours even though that friend didn’t pay regular price for their first booth” but you can be like “We are three friends who want to get three booths next to each other so we’ll pay regular price for one and then get two more at half price.” That’s ok, as long as all three booths are nabbed at the same time.
  • If you already have a booth for a particular show and you want another one that’s cool! Just select the appropriate option on the registration form.
  • Additional booths are for the same show where the original booth was nabbed. You can’t pay for a booth at Emporium of the Weird and then get a half price one for Chrishanukwanzmadan. That would make me go broke and would spell the end of Oddmall for everyone.