A Special Offer for Emporium of the Weird Vendors who have credits from 2020.

Hello friends. I’m just going to lay this all in the open for you.

The Knight Center, home of Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird, is a very expensive venue. It’s very cool and kind of perfect for our largest and most celebrated show, but it’s pricey. It’s more expensive than all of our other venues put together. We at Oddmall were strongly impacted financially, as were many people, by the events of the past couple of years and, as a result, I have been hesitant to commit to doing our biggest show there until I was reasonably confident it was a wise decision to do so.

Because people who had signed up for shows that were canceled due to COVID were offered booth credits for the missed shows, it leaves me with a difficult decision. If all (or even most) of the people who have booth credits decide to use them for Emporium of the Weird it could likely leave me with a huge bill I can’t pay. Therefore, I have decided to offer the following deal in order to encourage vendors to use their Emporium of the Weird booth credits at any other Oddmall show.

Pay for your Emporium of the Weird booth as normal and use your existing credit for either of these shows:

And I will give you a FREE BOOTH at any one of these shows

All of the necessary adjustments can be made on the Registration Form.

You may, of course, choose to use your Emporium of the Weird booth credit for Emporium of the Weird if that is your desire.

For example: Baron John Von Credithavinguy paid for a booth for Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird 2020. It was canceled due to COVID and, even though the official policy states that refunds or credits are not owed if a show is canceled due to circumstances beyond our control, the hosts of Oddmall, in a legendary feat of magnanimous generosity (and at great expense to themselves), decided to issue to people in John’s situation, booth credits that can be used for any Oddmall show. John decides to use his Emporium of the Weird credit to sign up for Chrishanukwanzmadan instead and pays for his booth at Emporium of the Weird 2022. He then earns a FREE BOOTH at any of the outdoor shows listed above. He used the online VENDOR REGISTRATION FORM to do so, selecting the appropriate options from the Emporium of the Weird signup area. If he had questions he emailed Andy at andy@andyhopp.com or asked a question on the Oddmall Facebook page.

How does that sound?