A Fecund Miasma of Newsworthy Oddmall News and also some news about Con on the Cob…

Hello friends,

Andy from Oddmall here with some important bits of tid. As is the custom among my people I will begin with a bullet list to give you the gist of what’s coming up in the rest of the message. If anything I say interests you please continue reading for more details. If it doesn’t, go back to whatever you were doing. It’s all good.

  • Oddmall: Rubber City Rumpus recap and important news about the future of that show. Cleveland is an associated word…
  • Oddmall: Chrishanukwanzmadan is almost completely sold out. If you want in on the action please reserve your booth as soon as possible. Also other news about Chrishanukwanzmadan.
  • Oddmall: Hallowondrous is in less than three weeks! Now is your chance to nab a booth for HALF PRICE!
  • As alluded to in the previous point, the Oddmall Hanukkah in February in September BOGO HALF PRICE BOOTH is still going on through the month of September. It will end promptly on October 1.
  • The Grand Opening of Oddmall Outpost: Assembly of Odd was a big success! We are always looking for more awesome stuff from Oddmall vendors and other artists, crafters, game publishers, and other creative peeps…
  • You could win FREE ADMISSION FOR LIFE to Con on the Cob!


Oddmall Rubber City Rumpus News

Thank you to all the fantastic vendors and attendees that made it out to Oddmall: Rubber City Rumpus. While we all had a lot of fun, the crowds were not what we were hoping for. Several factors beyond our control (a huge BMX event blocking access and confusing people about parking, the summer heat, incorrect GPS directions, unmown lawns, other significant, events in the area, etc…) conspired against us despite the local advertising we did and, as a result, the show was underwhelming and not at all what people have come to expect from Oddmall. I have spoken with the vendors who were present and we all came to the conclusion this venue just isn’t the right fit for us. Therefore, Oddmall: Rubber City Rumpus will not be happening next year.

Don’t be sad, though. We have something even better in mind. I can’t let too many cats out of the bag yet, but the words “Cleveland”, “castle”, “park”, and “Medieval themed Oddmall event at Squire Castle in Cleveland” have been uttered… Standby for super huge news soon.

I’ve said too much.


Oddmall: Chrishanukwanzmadan News

Chrishanukwanzmadan has been happening for several years at Canton’s Cultural Center for the Arts. The show is currently almost sold out. If you want a vendor booth I sincerely recommend you nab one as soon as possible. Here, just follow this link: https://www.oddmall.info/vendor-registration/

Although we love the Cultural Center in Canton, and are definitely going to continue hosting Oddmall: Expedition Elsewhere there every February, we feel the place just isn’t big enough for our holiday show. Also, since the February and December shows are both at the same venue two months apart it’s probably a good idea to avoid redundancy and find another location. We are currently scouting the digs and might have some more good news for you Cleveland peeps very soon…


Oddmall: Hallowondrous News

Holy Crap! Oddmall: Hallowondrous is in less than three weeks! I know Toledo is a bit far for many of you, but I encourage you to consider vending here. It’s a big show, Toledo is a great city, and the local news media is on point. It’s also a large venue, which means plenty of vendor booths are still available. If you act quickly you can take advantage of the HALF PRICE booth sale that’s going on until the end of September. We’ll talk about that next, but here’s that registration link again just in case: https://www.oddmall.info/vendor-registration/


Half Price Booth Sale News


Oddmall Outpost News

Oh man! Things are happening here at Oddmall Outpost: Assembly of Odd. With currently almost 100 different artists represented and several thousand items for sale on consignment from said artists, we seem to have discovered something pretty cool. We would love to have all of the Oddmall artists and vendors represented here. I won’t bore you with a long email about it, but please visit www.oddmalloutpost.com for the dirt on the skinny.

Here’s a picture:

Please come visit when you have the chance. The address is 772 E Turkeyfoot Lake rd. Akron, Ohio 44319.


Con on the Cob News

For those who haven’t been hipped to the gist, Con on the Cob is a four day long celebration of Games, Art, Freaks, and Fun we host every Fall at the Days Inn in Richfield, Ohio. The vendor hall is almost full, but there’s still a bit of room if anyone wants in on that action. Visit www.cononthecob.com to see what it’s all about.

There is currently a promotion in effect whereby some lucky peep could win FREE ADMISSION FOR LIFE!!!!! It’s kind of a big deal. In keeping with my trademark brevity I won’t go into the details here, but you can learn all about it right here: https://cononthecob.com/free-con-on-the-cob-admission-forever/


Closing Thoughts

That’s about it. Don’t forget to nab your booths for Hallowondrous and Chrishanukwanzmadan as soon as possible! You guys are awesome.