The Oddmall: Haunted Hullabaloo Super Spooky Discounted Vendor Booth Special Offer

The Gist

Nab discounts totaling up to $80 (that means your booth could be as low as $10!) if you also have booths at certain other Oddmall shows.

The Deets

Step 01: Visit the online Oddmall Vendor Registration form here. Scroll down to the Oddmall: Haunted Hullabaloo department and select the condition on the dropdown menu that applies to you. The price of your Haunted Hullabaloo booth is determined by which other shows you sign up for (or already signed up for). Refer to the above graphic to determine which condition you meet. You may simultaneously use the form to nab booths at other shows in order to qualify for the discounts or you may have already secured them at some time in the past. It makes no difference.

Step 02: That’s really all there is. We’ll see you at Haunted Hullabaloo and whatever other shows you nabbed.


  • The discount applies for upcoming shows you nab simultaneously with your Hullabaloo slab or ones you have already signed up for. There is no retroactive Hullabaloo discount if you sign up for qualifying shows after you nab your Hullabaloo slab.