Oddmall: Under the Hill

  • WHAT:  Here’s a more casual and intimate Oddmall experience for the discerning connoisseur of the bizarre. Our friends at Underhill’s Games have invited us to bring 22 Oddmall vendors and accompanying entertainment to their shop in Cuyahoga Falls. There will be art, games, cosplay, and all sorts of geeky fun!
  • WHEN: May 6, 2023
  • WHEN WHEN: Saturday 12pm-8pm
  • WHERE: Underhill’s Games
    1753 State Rd, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
  • HOW: Roll some dice and consult the game master.
  • HUH: Vendor information can be found here. Vendor booths for this show are SOLD OUT.
  • WHY: Because fun is fun and you like fun.

Jazz Happening at Oddmall: Under the Hill

  • GAMING! Underhill’s Games is a game store. That means they have games and you can play them. There will be a full library of board games for you and your friends to borrow and an entire store full of games and gaming supplies for your shopping adventure.
  • MINIATURES! Learn to paint miniatures at the FREE miniatures Paint & Take.
  • COSPLAY AND COSTUME CONTEST! Everyone is invited to wear a costume! There will be a costume contest at 3pm and the winner of The People’s Favorite will nab a FREE badge to Con on the Cob 2023.
  • Jungle Mango’s Snakestravaganza! Jungle Mango and his menagerie of reptilian friends will be hanging with us throughout the day.
  • CON ON THE COB!!!!!!! Oddmall: Under the Hill is sort of a preview event for Con on the Cob – A Four Day Celebration of Games, Art, Freaks, and Fun hosted by the same happy folks who bring you Oddmall. Click here to learn more about it!

Booth Prices

Yellow (3’x8′): $80 ($60)* SOLD OUT
Purple (6’x8′): $120 ($90)* SOLD OUT

*SPECIAL DISCOUNT: Nab a vendor booth at Con on the Cob before nabbing your Oddmall: Under the Hill booth and save 25%!

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Artist & Vendor List

Here, for your perusal, is a list of current Oddmall: Under the Hill artists and vendors:

  1. Starling Witchcraft
  2. Psycho Barbies DHA
  3. 3D Print Forge
  4. Wednesday Workshop
  5. Peregrinator’s Hoard
  6. Sipology
  7. Linda Miles
  8. Sweet Cedes Just Deserts
  9. Little Lion Press
  10. Bitesize Creations Leatherwork
  11. Midwest R2 Builders Club
  12. Metal Bug Collective
  13. Casual Killjoy
  14. Menagerie of Makers
  15. CraymersCraft
  16. 3dByRikk
  17. SFF Authors Dan R. Arman and Mary R. Arman
  18. SpillProofLiquid
  19. Samarewyn Art
  20. Kocseries
  21. Andy
  22. Da Mixing Pot
  23. Da Mixing Pot
  24. Pendragon Chainmail
  25. Sweet Cedes Just Deserts
  26. Creative Imaginations
  27. Creative Imaginations
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