Mead and Feed

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Oddmall: Mead & Feed at a glance

  • WHAT: Here’s something a little bit different… Our friends at McAlpine Meadery – producers of the finest Mead this side of Mazowiecki – have invited us out to ransack their digs, chug their booze, trample their lawn, pillage their village, and host a fine, fine outdoor Oddmall show amidst the chaos. It’s a vendor show, a music show, an outdoor party, and a potluck picnic (so bring some food to share if you are so inclined). It’s kind of a hybrid between a festival and shindig. We’ll play games, make friends, do art, shop the esoteric wares of the assembled waremongers, monger wares, frolic among the blades of grass, guzzle delicious mead and other beverages as our inclinations and chronological age allow, and otherwise comport ourselves in a dignified and appropriate manner. Bonus high fives if you dress like a fairy or timid woodland creature in honor of our friend Melly the Mead Fairy!
  • WHEN: August 17th, 2024
  • WHEN WHEN: Saturday 12pm-8pm – followed by live music by The Cult ov Crowley, whose birthday party this also is.
  • WHERE: McAlpine Meadery
    10035 Johnsford Rd SW, Beach City, OH 44608
  • HOW MUCH: Entry is as FREE but we wouldn’t say no to a suggested donation of $5 or so…
  • HOW: A car is probably your best bet. You can park in the designated parking area or on the side of the street, but stay away from crochety old man Jenkinsburgensteinowitzington’s place – he doesn’t take kindly to city folk parking on his lawn.
  • HUH: Vendor information can be found here. Here’s the BEST PART – VENDORS CAN NAB A BOOTH ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE!!!!!!!!*
  • WHY: Dude! This is going to be sooooo much fun! It’s an Oddmall show! It’s a music show! It’s a potluck picnic! It’s going to be just oh so delightful.
*Here’s how: Vendors receive a discount of $20 for each of the following 2024 festival shows in which they participate (and pay for a booth): Emporium of the Weird, Uncensored, Hallowondrous, Chrishanukwanzmadan. That means, if you pay for a booth at any three of those shows your booth at Mead & Feed will be completely free!

SUPER SWEET PERFORMANCES! All the Oddmall shows feature incredible music and performances, but this one takes it to another level! Check out the performer list below.

Performance Schedule TBA

. If you are interested in performing at Oddmall Uncensored or any other Oddmall show please contact DM.

  • MEADERY TOURS The horror!

Participating Vendors:
Different Branches LLC