Ads & Sponsors

At Oddmall our mission is to bring the people of Ohio and the surrounding area an exciting, accepting, and creative atmosphere in which to enjoy fine art, handmade crafts, and all things odd, unusual, geeky, and curious. Since the show is free to the public, our funding comes, in part, from individual and corporate sponsorships.

Oddmall provides many opportunities for sponsorships and partnerships. We offer a range of options to suit your needs and we are extremely grateful for any and all contributions and support. We have several exciting sponsorship packages prepared, as well as a number of special Prestige Sponsorships available. NOTE: DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS 3 WEEKS BEFORE DESIRED ODDMALL. 

How to Purchase Ads and Sponsorships

Please use the VENDOR REGISTRATION FORM to order and upload your ads. If you don’t have your art ready at the time of ordering you can email it to andy@andyhopp.com any time. Ads must be received at least three weeks before the event to which they apply.

Coupon or Ad on Swag Bags

Emporium of the Weird Hallowondrous

Swag bags will be given out to the first 50-100 visitors each day.

We have space for ten 2″x2″ ad or coupon spaces on each batch of bags. You can nab one for ONLY $@%. I mean ONLY $25 (stupid caps lock). Additionally, we are calling upon our amazing Oddmall vendors to donate items with which to fill the swag bags. If you are interested in doing so please let us know.

Specifications: 300 dpi, RGB, jpg, 2″x2″ -$25

Onsite Guides

Expedition Elsewhere Emporium of the Weird Hallowondrous Chrishanukwanzmadan

Oddmall’s full color, double-sided, onsite guide features maps, a vendor list, entertainment schedules, and more. It has room for several 2.5″x2.7″ ads or coupons, which can be nabbed for only $35. Advertisers are encouraged to purchase multiple ad spots in order to create larger ads (two spaces = 2.5″x5.4″, etc…).

Specifications: 300 dpi, RGB, jpg, 2.5″x2.7″  -$35

TV Ads

Expedition Elsewhere Chrishanukwanzmadan

The Cultural Center for the Arts in Canton features several large televisions anchored throughout the building. We produce a video slideshow that continuously cycles during the duration of the event. Each ad stays onscreen for about six seconds at a time and will be shown hundreds of times throughout the day.

Specifications: 72 dpi, RGB, jpg, 1024px x 768px – $25

Website Banner Ads

Expedition Elsewhere Emporium of the Weird Riverside Ramble
Rubber City Rumpus Hallowondrous Chrishanukwanzmadan

If you gaze slightly to your left, assuming you are viewing this site on a desktop computer, you will probably see some fascinating banner ads. One (or more) such ads could be yours for only $50 for an ENTIRE YEAR!!!!!

Specifications: 72 dpi, RGB, jpg, 300px x 150-200px – $50 per year


Expedition Elsewhere Emporium of the Weird Riverside Ramble
Rubber City Rumpus Hallowondrous Chrishanukwanzmadan

This incredible value offers you ads in ALL the onsite guides, ALL the TV Ads, and a BANNER AD on this website. At only $200 it’s a savings of OVER $29.99!!!!!!!!! That number has THREE NINES IN IT!!!!! Holy cow…

Specifications: As described above for each ad type.

Corporate Sponsorships and Larger Promotions

Expedition Elsewhere Emporium of the Weird
 Hallowondrous Chrishanukwanzmadan

If you are interested in being an Oddmall sponsor or producing a larger promotion or donation we would love to discuss it with you. Suggestions include:

  • An entire room or programming track named after your business.
  • Special Guests appear courtesy of you.
  • Entertainment provided by you.
  • FREE WI-FI presented by [your name].

We are open to suggestions and can accommodate any budget. Please email Andy for further conversation.

Specifications: TBD