Information about Oddmall: Hallowondrous 2020 will be posted soon!

Oddmall: Hallowondrous at a glance

  • WHAT: It’s the HALLOWEEN edition of Oddmall. Dozens upon dozens of fantastic artists and vendors mob the scene at Lakewood’s lovely Masonic Temple. There’s live entertainment, trick or treating, some really incredible artists, monsters, makeup and way, way more.
  • WHEN: October 19-20, 2019
  • WHEN WHEN: Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 10am-5pm.
  • WHERE:  Lakewood Masonic Temple – 15300 Detroit Ave. Lakewood, Ohio 44107
  • HOW MUCH: Free to get in. Five dollars to leave. Nah, I’m just playing with you. It’s free (but we do appreciate and depend on your donations).
  • HOW: Maybe ride a broomstick or that awesome car the Munsters drove around in.
  • HUH: Vendor information can be found here.
  • WHY: Seriously? It’s Oddmall and Halloween. Do you even need a reason?

Jazz Unique to Hallowondrous

  • TRICK OR TREAT! All the little whippersnappers, sprites, urchins, and chillunzes should come in costume and get there Trick or Treat on a bit early this year. Vendors are encouraged to keep a bowl of something tasty or interesting to hand out. Trick or treating takes place all day both days. Just wear a costume and say the magic words. You know what to do…
  • HALLOWEEN STUFF! Not sure what yet, but there will be some very cool Halloween jazz happening at the show.
  • THE SUPER AWESOME AFTER PARTY AT THE SIDE QUEST!Kelly Quest of The Side Quest has invited all Oddmall vendors and attendees to a fantastic after party Saturday night at Side Quest . Oddmall vendors get 20% food and drinks (just show the invitation you will receive when you arrive at Oddmall). Side Quest serves drinks and food.Unfortunately, since Side Quest is a bar, this party is only for guests 21 and over.The Side Quest17900 Detroit AvenueLakewood, OH 44107
    About The Side Quest

    The Side Quest is your bar. It is a place for geeks and nerds to enjoy the things they love while having a few great craft beers, meads, and cocktails with friends!​​​​​​​​​​​

    The Side Quest focuses on all things geek, nerd and pop culture: Movies, TV Shows, Comics, Cosplay, Gaming, and More! Trivia, Theme Nights, Game Nights, Lecture Series and Live Television Programing are common events.

Artist & Vendor List

1. Perfectly Twisted Creations
2. All Quirks Aside.
3. GlitterGirl Vinyl
4.Can-Tastic Creations
5. Lake Witch
6.  Faryl and S. T. Hoover
7. The Mighty Jungle
8. Lilla Rose Hair Awesome
9. Black Pineapple Creations
10. Dark Designs
11. All Things B
12. Tempting Sweets, etc.
13. Three Clover
14. Live Dream Create
15. 3Cat Collectibles
16. 3Cat Collectibles
17. Dark Designs
18. SimplyFancy Mani (Color Street)
19. Vinyl Record Art
20. The Cuddle Cult
22.Wicks and Washes
23. Myth and Stitch
24. VictoriArt Boutique
25. Claude Raymond Design
26. Claude Raymond Design
27. Unicorn Massacres
28. Enchantaporium
29. Enchantaporium
30. Wicked Clever
31. MyAsylum
32. Thousand Earring Island
33. Thousand Earring Island
34. Bad Doll Studio
35. Rose Lea’s Curio Cabinet
36. Newly Recrafted
37. Crooked River Fae
38. Menagerie of Makers
39. Scorch Garden/Zombie Flesh Couture
40. To The Moon and Back Designs
41. Northern Ohio Freethought Society
42. Dryad Oddities
43. Earth, Glass, Fire
44. Pandora’s Creations
45. Pandora’s Creations
46. The Beard Bard
47. We Are All Corrupted
48.Belbooken Apothecary & Craft
49. Tangled Earth Art
50. Kilted Katana Productions
51. Skye Graphics
52. Farrell Gallagher
53. Kayla Ascencio Fantasy Art
54. Russel Baker Mask Maker
55. The Tattoo Shop
56. Feathered Pen Studios.
57. Dreaming of Wonderland, LLC
58. Doki Doki Chocolate
60. Love Light Heart Soul
61. Fairies and Tails
62 .The Nerdy Taco
63. Rowan Canterbury
64. Blaze Gourmet
65. Crafty Shop of Horrors
69. SM Studio
70. Dragons Den Gaming
71. Lake Effect Dyeworks
72. Art of Joe McCoy
73. Sandee
74. Smithfits Bazaare Emporium
75. The Cement Head
76. The Cement Head
77. Alternate Realms
78. Dot! Ink
79. Simply Made Basics
80. Abruzzi Italian Cookies

CM Manfredi
Hannah Arthur

Hallowondrous Entertainment Schedule

12pm- Alpha Riff
1pm- O’Brian
2pm- Sean Benjamin
3pm- Cosplay Contest
4pm- Juice Lee
5pm- Electric Violin Wunder Justin Curry

12pm-Alpha Riff
1pm- Shuvani Dance Studio
2pm- O’Brian & Electric Violin Wunder Justin Curry
(Half Hour time slot each)
3pm- Cosplay Contest
4pm- Sean Benjamin