Expedition Elsewhere

Oddmall: Expedition Elsewhere at a glance

  • WHAT: Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird, Ohio’s most unique exhibition of art, craft, and everything interesting brings you a fantastic weekend of art, cosplay, entertainment, and shopping with over 115 artists, crafters, costumers, and purveyors of all things weird, geeky, horrific, unusual, and wonderful.
  • WHEN: February 16-17, 2019
  • WHEN WHEN: Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 10am-5pm.
  • WHERE:  Cultural Center for the Arts – 1001 Market Avenue, Canton OH 44702
  • HOW MUCH: While entry is FREE your $5 donation is appreciated.
  • HOW: Swim, paddle, float, ride a camel, maybe ask a friend for a ride…
  • HUH: Vendor information can be found here.
  • WHY: So, so many reasons. It’s Valentine’s Day-ish, so it will be the perfect opportunity to nab something unique for that special someone. It’s also pretty much Andy, Heather, and Greg’s birthday, so you kind of have to go.

Jazz Unique to Expedition Elsewhere

  • I LOVE YOU MOST OF ALL! We will be handing out snazzy Oddmall Valentines for attendees to give to their favorite artist or vendor. Whoever snags the most Valentine’s by the end of the day on Sunday wins a sweet, sweet prize.
  • The Feast of the Greased Beast Saturday Night at Katana Click here for more information.
  • Some Squishy Romantic Game Show with Gandersnitch the Goblin! Do NOT even consider missing out on this hilarious act. Gandersnitch is the coolest. He got turned into a puppet a while back, I think by Santa Claus. I’m not sure, but he’s the beans.

Artist & Vendor List

Here, for the edification of the inquisitive, is a list of current Oddmall: Expedition Elsewhere artists and vendors:

1.  Kind Hearted Studios
2. Blue Crimson Anime Junction
3. Blue Crimson Anime Junction
4. Je Le Veux Jewelry
5. An Unusual Affair, LLC – Wedding Officiant
6. Crafty Shop of Horrors
7. Silverfox Massage & Crafts
8. Silverfox Massage & Crafts
9. Cardamom and Curry
10. Mr. J’s Toybox
11. Sub Rosa Tea
12. LuLaRoe: Cinderella’s Lost Slipper
13. Creative Imaginations
14. Phantom Booth Productions
15. Phantom Booth Productions
16. Xs Energy
17. Boggs Chiropractic
18. Taylor Made Cakes
19. Fairies & Tails
20. Muck Monster of Hartville
21. Silver Heron Studios
22. Pet Cartoonz
23. Handmade by U
24. Oh Malice Me
25. Mama Panda’s by Shannon
26. Cindy’s Corner
27. Cindy’s Corner
28. LiveWire
29. S. E. Cowley Art 
30. S. E. Cowley Art 
31. Gutter Logic
32. WorldTrendz LLC
33. Sweet Peach Designs LLC
34. Sweet Peach Designs LLC
35.  Soul Perchers
36. Senn-Sational Designs
37. Dreaming of Wonderland, LLC
38. Erie Street Leather
39. Grandiose Glitches
40.  SkullyPop Designs
41. North Fork Mercantile
42. North Fork Mercantile
43. MyPretty’s Paparazzi Jewelry
44. Earth Wisdom
45. Three Clover Candles
46. Doki Doki Chocolate
47. Live Dream Create
48. Live Dream Create
49. Usborne Books & More
50. Shock Studios
51. MMH Productions
52. Empty Bin Zero Waste
53. Empty Bin Zero Waste
54. Dreaming of Wonderland, LLC
55. Magnolia and Vine – Independent Stylist
56. Gandersnitch
57. Ice Chips
58. Lilla Rose
59. Flutter-ByeBoutique
60. LeafFilter North, LLC
61. Uniontown Antique, Thrift & Gifts
62. Color Street
63. Fae’s Cabinet
64. Fae’s Cabinet
65. Soap Alchemy
66. Pandora’s Creations
67. Rhiannon Massaro: Artist
68. Ben’s Custom Concepts
69. Bombs & Balms
70. JDub Cajons & hand percussion instruments
72. Tales Unlimited
73. EarthBorn by L&K
74. The Art of Jessica Rohr
75. El Pork Chapo Glass
76. MyAsylum
77. Kelnjo
78. Knights of the Classroom
79. Knights of the Classroom
80. Kilted Katana Productions
81. Graveyard Critter
82. C.M. Manfredi’s Emporium of Wonders
83. Designs by Jody
84. Meleficent Makes
85. Smithfits Bazaare Emporium
86. Jewelry and More for U
87. 3Cat Collectibles
88. Jewelry and More for U
89. Yipp Yipp Dog Biscuits
90. Bath Fitter
91. Carina Dolci Cosmetics & Dark Horse Apothecary*
92. Nate Michaels Art
93. Scentsy
94. Complete Crazy
95. Our Daily Bread Bakery & Fudge Shoppe
96. Cleveland Concoction
97. Monsterologist
98. The Dogs Bag
99. Authors Dan R. Arman & Rose Withering
100. Colonial Wagon and Wheel Two
101. Colonial Wagon and Wheel Two
102. H & H Barbecue 
103. H & H Barbecue
104. H & H Barbecue
105. Stray Dog Concessions
106. Firerose Studios
107. Cosplay HQ
108. Geek Watch One
109. Stage Show Prep Area
110. Spontaneously Combustible Games
111. AT&T
112. AT&T
113. The Oddmall Souvenirium & Mutha Oith Creations






Entertainment Schedule

Feb 16

11am- tba
12pm- Justin Curry
1pm- tba
2pm- Michael McFarland
3pm- Costume Contest
3:20pm- Gandersnitch the Goblin
4pm- Sorry, I’m Dead
5pm- tba

Feb 17

11am- Justin Curry
12pm- Pozzezzed One
1pm- Shuvani Dance Co.
2pm- Michael McFarland
3pm- Costume Contest
3:20pm- Gandersnitch the Goblin
4pm- Ask Lovecraft