Oddmall: Chrishanukwanzmadan at a glance

  • WHAT: Chrishanukwanzmadan is Oddmall’s holiday show celebration. Over a hundred vendors, live entertainment, Santas and elves and pirates and Hanukkah Armadillos and Krampus and all the other stuff you’ve come to associate with the winter holidays figuratively drips from the walls and ceilings like tinsel from the buns of a curiously gluttonous cat. Don’t picture that last part. I don’t know why I wrote it.
  • WHEN: December 8-9, 2018
  • WHEN WHEN: Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 10am-5pm.
  • WHERE:  Cultural Center for the Arts – 1001 Market Avenue, Canton OH 44702
  • HOW MUCH: Oh man, you don’t even want to know how free this thing is. Of course, we have it on good authority that your donation of five dollars or more will plop you firmly on Santa’s nice list…
  • HOW: Ski, sled, or travel by flying reindeer. Maybe drive a car or some sort of custom van with a muscular, guitar-playing Santa Claus airbrushed on the side panel.
  • HUH: Vendor information can be found here.
  • WHY: It’s an Oddmall holiday show. An. Oddmall. Holiday. Show. This is absolutely the best place in the universe to nab amazing gifts for the people you love and also the people to whom you are obligated by social contract to buy gifts for even though you’d rather not.

Jazz Unique to Chrishanukwanzmadan

  • SANTA MOTHERLOVIN’ CLAUS! Of course Santa Claus will be there. If we’re lucky we might also have Pirate Santa, Krampus, a bunch of elves, Rudolph, Hanukkah Zombie, Kwanzabot, and a veritable rogue’s gallery of holiday personalities. Guests and vendors are encouraged to come in costume!
  • THE ODDMALL HOLIDAY PARTAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!! After the show on Saturday night we’ll head on over to Oddmall Outpost: Assembly of Odd for games, grub, socializing and fun! All vendors and their friends are invited.


Artist & Vendor List

1. Triple Happiness Boothlessness
2. Blue Crimson Anime Junction
3. Blue Crimson Anime Junction
4. LuLaRoe: Cinderalla’s Lost Slipper
5. EarthBorn by L&K
6. Kristine’s Kreations
7. Silver Fox Massage and Crafts
8. Silver Fox Massage and Crafts
9. Phantom Booth Productions
10. Sir Not Appearing At This Oddmall
11. Sub Rosa Tea
12. Christmas Creations
13. Claude Raymond Designs
14. Souvenirium & Mutha Oith Creations
15. Souvenirium & Mutha Oith Creations
16. Homegrown Shadowbox Art
17. Dado Jewelry
18. Zachariah Messiah’s Morbid Curiosities
19. Bellbooken Candle Company
20. Muck Monster of Hartville
21. Moonfeathers and Dreamroses
22. Mama Panda’s by Shannon
23. Handmade by U
24. The Art of Jessica Rohr
25. JR Bath
26. Younique
27. Crafty Shop of Horrors
28. A Purple Squirrel Studios
29. Jonesworks, LLC
30. Jonesworks, LLC
31. Dirty Girl Soap Company, LLC
32. Katie’s Premium Jerky and Snacks
33. World Trendz
34. World Trendz
35. Bad Doll Studio
36. Queen Renaissance
37. Creative Novelties
38. Erie Street Leather
39. Hawk and Hannah
40. Hawk and Hannah
41. Enchantaporium
42. Enchantaporium
44. Young Living
45. Three Clover Candles
46. Doki Doki Chocolate
47. Live Dream Create
48. Live Dream Create
49. Usbourne Books & More
50. An Unusual Affair, LLC – Wedding Officiant
51. Newly Recrafted
52. Scorch Garden
53. Zombie Flesh Couture
54. Gandersnitch
55. Shane-Lewis
56. Shane-Lewis
57. Fae’s Cabinet
58. Fae’s Cabinet
59. Flutter-Bye Boutique
60. SDUrbanArt
61. Gutter Logic of Ohio
62. Damsel in Defense
63. Cindy’s Corner
64. Fairies & Tails
65. Soap Alchemy
66. Pandora’s Creations 
67. Rhiannon Massaro: Artist
68. Fresh2uCoffee
69. The Nerdy Taco
70. BrotherToastyCakes/Sew On & Sew Forth
71. Ice Chips
72. Lilla Rose Hair Awesome
73. Rivet
74. Prenosil’s Pretties
75. Tales Unlimited
76. Lily Lue Designs
77. Blu Bohemian Creations
78. Avsec Arts
79. Unique Home Solutions
80. Smithfits Bazaare Emporium
81. GereMarie
82. C.M. Manfredi’s Emporium of Wonders
83. Fernwood
84. Peace, Love, and Pride
85. Barr’s Gems
86. Barr’s Gems
87. 3Cat Collectibles
88. Barr’s Gems
89. Barr’s Gems
90. See My Beads
91. Blackveil
92. Tempting Sweets
93. Scentsy
94. Allegory
95. Many Minds Mixed Media Art
96. Castle Keep Crafts
97. Sunshine And Memories
98. Krugs Kustom Painting
99. Rainbow – Cleaner Greener Ohio
100. Rainbow – Cleaner Greener Ohio
101. Bath Fitter
102. Authors Dan R. Arman and Rose Withering
103. Earth Wisdom
104. Earth Wisdom
105. Cleveland Flow Shop
106. Stray Dog
107. Stray Dog
108. Cosplay HQ & Firerose Studios
109. Geek Watch One
110. Spontaneously Combustible Games
111. Morty’s Munchies
112. Ida Freeman
113. D. Kay’s Waffles

Entertainment Schedule

Dec 8

11am- O’Brian
12pm- Michael McFarland
1pm- Krampus
2pm- Miss Dreadful
3pm- Costume Contest
4pm- Pozzezzed One
5pm-Story Time with Uncle Kylan

Dec 9

11am- O’Brian
12pm- Carmen Kelly
1pm- Shuvani Dance Company
2pm- Michael McFarland
3pm-Costume Contest
4pm- Oddmall Band